Plant More trees around us

The need of hour is to work with environmental groups to educate more people and plant more trees so as to make this planet eco-friendly and more clean and eco-friendly.

Despite their importance to life as we might aware, humans have cut down half of all the trees on this planet so far. Every year we cut down more than 50,000 square miles of forest worldwide for paper, agriculture, building materials, and fuel. Every year.

While supporting tree planting organizations is a wonderful way to be eco-friendly, you can also make a difference by planting trees on your own property.

A properly-planted tree can save you up to 25% on your summer air conditioning bills and increase your property value by up to 20% with their beauty. That same tree will also help soak up stormwater in the neighborhood, and contribute habitat for local wildlife. If you plant a fruit tree, you get food as an added bonus! Ladies, you really can’t go wrong by planting trees!


sophie beekmans

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