The beauty of Fiji can be seen from the happiness of their people who clearly radiates on their faces. In addition to the country with the happiest people in the world, this country is also known as the safest country in the world so no wonder we can’t see any policeman carries weapons.


Although this safe country is a small country, Fiji has 322 islands and 106 of that islands are already inhabited. Fiji also has the highest mountain, located on the island of Viti Levu, Tomanivi mountain which reached 1324 meters high.


Before having religion, the Fijian population is a human eater (cannibal), because there is a myth, if they can take 1000 people, they can live eternally. The men in Fiji will also rise in degree if they have many wives, and if the husband dies his wives also must die by strangling her own neck. The people of Fiji believe that the spirits of the wives will guard the spirit of the husband to heaven.


In 1854, Christianity began to be spread by the people of the United States and broke the existing myths. In 1867, a missionary named Thomas Baker, Christianized the village leader by touching the head of the village leader. After the incident, Thomas Baker was immediately killed and eaten by a group of tribes in Fiji. This is because they think the head is the most sacred part so it can not be touched and if touched it is a form of war declaration.


Lapita is a nickname for the native Fijians, and most residents occupy the islands of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. In 1874, England came to colonize Fiji for 96 years. Despite its independence, Fiji still uses the emblem of the British State on its flag, only that there is the addition of a light blue background as well as the Union Jack emblem.


Fiji is famous for its beautiful beaches, crystal clear sea water and white sand beaches. There is also volcanic mud that people believe can make them looks younger. If you love the challenge, you can go swimming with sharks and stingrays in the ocean without any borders. Raindrops are not polluted, making the water in Fiji is the healthiest water in the world. One company in America produce it and make it the most expensive bottled water brand in the world.


In addition to its beautiful beaches, Fiji also has the best park in the Pacific Ocean. In this park, there is a large statue of a sleeping woman so the park is called the Garden of Sleeping Giant. Inside this beautiful garden, there are 2000 types of Orchid flowers.


Besides Orchid, there are also Tagimaucia which is a typical flower of Fiji. A legend about the origins of the flower recounts, a man and a woman who does not love each other but forced to marry by their parents. They eventually decided to escape into the forest and jump into Lake Tagimaucia. During the run, their tears fall and turn into beautiful flowers. From the legend, the people of Fiji named the beautiful red and white flowers with the name Tagimaucia.


Fijian food also has a good variety of local and nonlocal food so you will find typical European, Indian, Chinese and Fijian food.


All these reasons we mentioned above are making Fiji an appropriate holiday choice, especially for a solo trip. Friendly locals people and a safe country are waiting and ready to entertain you in Fiji. Come to Fiji now and feel the beauty of Fiji in person.


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