Liuzhou Forest City is the name pinned on the city that is now being built in China. The city will be the world’s first forest city to be built in one of the densely populated countries.


Today the earth is in a condition that is quite apprehensive. Major cities are increasingly worried by the existence of a lot of pollution that occurred. The lack of sufficient green open space worsened the situation. Without it, bad problems will arise, one of which is the flood disaster and the decreased of air quality.


The amount of green open space that continues to decrease to make the air on earth is getting hot due to global warming impact by many countries around the world. Therefore, efforts to prevent the global warming impact continues to be carried out throughout the country, not to mention China.


China is one of the developed countries that often stir the world with the latest innovations. Their innovation is done in various sectors, including in the field of environment, that is by building a forest city. Previously the concept of the city has never been designed in other countries so China is the first to make it happen.


China is now building the world’s first forest city in which its entire building will be covered by plants and trees. This is done as one form of efforts to overcome global warming and air pollution. Its construction has been done since January 2017 and is still running until now.


The forest city is named Liuzhou Forest City. The city will later be home to 30,000 people as the construction period has been completed in a few years. Entire buildings such as offices, homes, hotels, hospitals, and schools will be covered by 40,000 trees and 1 million plants from 100 different species.


Plants and trees will not only grow on the ground but on the balcony and also on the roof of the house. Based on the design, this building will be full of vegetation that mingles with the background of the mountains that adorn it.


The development of the forest city is conducted in the northern region of Liuzhou, in the mountain area of Guangxi Province, Southern China. On a 175-hectare land along Luijiang mound, Liuzhou Forest City will be established. With the establishment of the city is expected to help provide homes to populations in China that grow very fast without adding more carbon pollution.


The plants and trees that will cover the city of Liuzhou Forest City are estimated to absorb nearly 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) and 57 tons of pollutants per year and are capable of producing about 900 tons of oxygen.


This forest city will connect with Liuzhou with the fast rail line and electric car on the street. A wide variety of residential areas will fill the city, equipped with commercial and recreational spaces, two schools, as well as hospitals. The type of air condition each house will have is its geothermal-powered and roof-mounted solar house. Geothermal energy and sunlight will be the city’s main resource.


The project is carried out by Liuzhou Municipality Urban Planning in collaboration with the renowned architecture Stefano Boeri Architetti. He is the famous architect of skyscraper designers in various countries of the world.


The city builders say that the plants and trees that cover the city can function to lower average temperatures, create noise barriers, and improve biodiversity. They can be home to birds, insects, and other small animals. The plan for the construction of the world’s first forest city will be completed in 2020.


The existence of this forest city is expected to bring a major change for global climate change. The more oxygen produced and the less carbon dioxide, the less the risk of global warming that causes climate change. Conservation measures will also be necessary to keep the environment in Liuzhou Forest City under control.


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