For Days is a clothing brand born with a vision of making the future better. “Being better” is meant where people can have everything without causing waste. Therefore, this clothing label creates clothing with zero waste.


Moving from the thought of the brand owner, Kristy Caylor, about how one can have all the desired without being wasteful to make Kristy reflect and want to realize the thought becomes reality. It may sound too good to be true, but if anyone can begin to solve the problem of fashion waste even though not completely, one of them is Kristy Caylor.


For Days Promoting an Eco lifestyle

This brand produces T-shirts, the most historical type of clothing in the world that has been locked in dressing for more than a century. Closed loop is a unique system used For Days to produce clothing. Her company is very committed to manufacturing innovation and waste reduction so that the production system used is also very concerned about the impact on the environment.


For Days implements a different membership system. They empower their members to be free of the burden of ownership. When someone enrolls to become a member, they can get three, six, or ten new shirts for $ 12, $ 24, or $ 36 US dollars each. So the system is like lending new clothes to members of the old clothes recycled.


After the members have long been wearing one of their T-shirts, they will send the shirt back to the producer company-though it may be returned in the faded color or the fabric is stretched. T-shirts will be released into pieces, parsed into porridge, and printed in a new T-shirt. After the process is complete, the member will receive a new shirt and the process will continue to recur.


For Days using Closed Loop System

This is the specialty of this label with the industry’s first “closed loop system.” With the system means no material is wasted, old goods are recycled into new products, new ones grow old and then old ones are renewed, and so on.


In other words, the entire life cycle of the garment is charged to the company, whereas almost all other brands-even sustainable ones-place that responsibility on their customers as soon as they pay for it. Furthermore, the choice is left to the consumer, whether it will be stored forever, placed in the secondhand store, or throw it away.


That’s why For Days aims to “get rid of the burden of possession” because even if the members wear T-shirts they buy every day, they really just borrow them until they’re ready to send the shirts back.


All these innovations are based in Los Angeles, where the For Days T-shirt is made using organic materials, cotton grown in the United States, and colorful eco-friendly dyes.


The first collection comes in four types of super soft. The types of collar shirts cut a variety, ranging from classic, V-neck, henley, until the tank style. New styles will always be added at all times, such as a sweatshirt to jogger pants or any other type of clothing that the consumer dreams of.


Now clothing consumers don’t need to feel guilty anymore for piling up too much, spending a lot of money, or wiping out old things. With the system applied For Days, customers do not have to worry about the sustainability of the fate of his shirt. No matter how many stains or holes they get, For Days will bring them back and recycle them easily. More interestingly, the customer will be given an incentive to buy and exchange as much as they want.


This is a great hope for everyone that every fashion company to implement such an environmentally friendly system in the future. However, this label can at least be a jumping-off point for a new era of trade cycles and environmental awareness raising by 2018. Hopefully, the good things that applied For Days can also be emulated by other industries so that the environment of the earth will always be sustainability.


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