Yoona’s SNSD beauty is already very radiated from her face and make many people amazed because of her beauty. The woman whose real name is  I’m Yoon Ah was born in Seoul, Korea, May 30, 1990.


Yoona’s parents were divorced since she was little, and since then Yoona has lived with her father and brother. Wanting to help her father’s economy, Yoona followed casting at SM Entertainment at the age of 12.


With Yoona’s acceptance at SM Entertainment in 2002, Yonna began practicing singing, dancing and acting. The name Yoona became known after starring in the Korean drama series “9 Ends, 2 Outs” in 2007. And in the same year Yoona formed a girl band called Girl Generation with SNSD (Sonyeo Shidae), this group consists of eight women beautiful include Yoona.


Yoona’s appearance with Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Sunny, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Yuri in SNSD (Sonyeo Shidae), began to get attention from various circles and any other parts of the world.


Although an entertainer, Yoona did not forget her education, in 2009 Yoona graduated from Daeyoung High School and immediately continued her education at Dongguk University in the theater and music majors.


In 2010 Yoona promoted Carribean Bay Park, in Yongin, Korea, through a song called “Cabi Song”. The song is sung by Yoona with Kwon Yuri, Seohyun, Ok Taec Yeon (2 PM), and Hwang Chansung (2 PM).


In the same year, Yoona was also chosen to be the model of Cartier LOVE collections. In August 2010 Yoona also began actively promoting a cosmetic brand that is environmentally friendly. Brand named Innisfree makes Yoona as the Brand Ambassador.


Yoona’s eco-friendly cosmetics come from Jeju Island, Korea. Eco-friendly cosmetics are made from natural materials such as orchids, camellia flowers, mandarin orange, volcanic ash, clay, green tea, and many more other natural materials. The materials are growing at dawn on Jeju Island, Korea.


Plants used for eco-friendly cosmetic ingredients are grown organically by Innisfree company, therefore, it is safe to used by human skin, especially for sensitive skin.


Not only used the natural materials, for packaging the cosmetics using recycled packaging. In addition, Innisfree company also holds devotional work and planting trees every year on Jeju Island, Korea. In 2011 Yoona promoted an eco-friendly handkerchief made of from natural fabric and manufactured by Innisfree’s company.


By promoting eco-friendly handkerchiefs, Yoona hopes that all people in the world can reduce the use of tissues and switch to the environmentally friendly handkerchief. According to Yoona, the small act of using this handkerchief will have a major impact on protecting the earth. This eco-friendly handkerchief sells for $ 100 USD / per-sheet.


As an environmentally friendly cosmetic company, Innisfree has successfully developed a natural beauty product and has not forgotten to preserve the nature. It may be concluded that Yoona SNSD’s secret beauty is always using cosmetics made from natural materials and re-preserving the natural environment.


From now on let’s protect our skin with natural ingredients and do not forget to preserve the environment to get  Yoona’s SNSD beauty radiance on our face.


Yoona SNSD Yoona SNSD Yoona SNSD

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