Blue Pond Hokkaido is the blue lake in Japan and has become one of Apple’s MacBook’s built-in background due to the stunning beauty. One of Apple’s designer staff even said that the photo of the lake was the best that Apple had ever gotten. The charm of the beautiful watercolor can captivate anyone who sees that.


Located in Shirogane, Biei-Cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido, Japan, Blue Pond has become a popular tourist attraction in recent years. Uniquely, the most beautiful lake in this world can change the color every day, from bright blue, gray-blue, to turquoise.


Color changes depending on the season and the weather. A little wind that hit only able to change the appearance of the lake. If there is no wind blowing, this lake looks like a large mirror laid on the ground. This beautiful lake is only one part of a harmonious symphony, the other part is the forest around it. The beauty of the mysterious color of the lakes becomes a popular spiritual venue.


The Origin of Blue Color from Blue Pond Hokkaido

This blue lake is actually formed by accident. It started in 1988 when nearby Tokachi Mountain erupted. A dam on the Biei River was built to prevent the damaging effects of volcanic mud bursts in the city of Biei. Blue Lake is only one of the many lakes that are artificially formed as a by-product of the construction.


Unexpectedly, the inadvertence gave birth to a magical lake. Its beauty is certainly intertwined from overlapping coincidences to the form that can be seen today. Components around the lake such as rivers, waterfalls, forests, springs, and others are increasingly perfecting the appearance of the blue pond.


In place of the lake, Shirahige Falls down the cliff to the river Biei. Shirogane Hot Springs, whose water source is obtained from Mount Tokachi, absorbs some of the water and become groundwater over time. The water then mixes with aluminum from the cliff during a short time like the Shirahige Falls and returns to the river.


The changing water color of the lake is caused by the content of aluminum hydroxide in the water. The aluminum can reflect waves of blue sunlight like blue sky reflected by the earth’s atmosphere. That is the secret of the bluish color of the lake.


Not only that, other substances such as sulfur and lime components also enter the lake. They bleached the rocks at the bottom and made blue glistening. The view is more amazing with the special essence that is not found anywhere else in the world.


Japanese larch trees and birch trees that once lived on the land of the lake with some of the stems rapidly submerged, only the remaining part withered from them. Although the mysterious blue combinations and dead trees seem a sad sight in some aspects, yet still always look beautiful. It was the combination of coincidences that created the incredible view of Blue Pond.


The Beauty of Blue Pond Hokkaido

Spring – When the long winter is over, the blue lake is ready to welcome the spring when the snow begins to fade. Sometimes when winter turns to spring, the morning air is still cold and the lake is still frozen.


When the lake freezes, the surface reveals white sand and between the edges, it looks like a very contrasting blue color. In the midst of the cold atmosphere, the forest began to show a signal of the arrival of spring with the growth of fresh young leaves.


Summer – this blue lake will look more radiant when summer comes. View of the lake with blue water can be obtained during the summer. In this season the lake will manifest itself in all its beauty, moments when there is no wind and rain, and a day with a clear sky. When all conditions are met, visitors will be stunned by the beauty shown to this lake.


Autumn – This season occurs after the summer and before winter. While the autumn is short, visitors Telaga Biru will be presented with views of fall foliage. Bright red, orange, and yellow forest reflections around the surface of the lake are very beautiful to the eye.


Winter – In this season the lake will show off the crystal blue color. The entire lake will be covered in pure white snow and light up. That is what adds to the charm to lure people to come to visit the lake in this fairy tale country.


How beautiful and charming this lake makes anyone will fall in love when seeing it. The extraordinary beauty, of course, should be maintained and preserved. Not damaging the surrounding environment is something that needs to be done. Therefore, let’s keep all the natural features we have, including Blue Pond  Hokkaido.


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