Horn jewelry wholesale from the Islands of  Gods, Bali.When people think about Indonesia, they think of Bali. In fact, there are even some people think Bali is a country. Bali is a beautiful small island of the many that make up this one Indonesia.

This Goddess island is located on the island of Lombok and Java island. Bali is commonly referred to Bali dwipa, the island of Gods or the islands of thousands of temples. This beautiful islands has several small islands including of Lembongan, Serangan, Menjangan and Nusa Penida.

Bali is not only famous for horn jewelry wholesale but also for its forested volcanic mountain, beaches, coral reefs and the iconic rice paddies, especially in Tabanan area. Uluwatu temple on the Cliffside is one of the religious sites. The beach side city of Kuta has many bars and Seminyak, Nusa Dua and Sanur has iconic resort towns. Ubud area is famous for yoga and meditation retreats.

Denpasar is the capital of  Bali located in the south part of the island. Bali is famous for world tourism with their culture and art.

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Bali with the art of making horn jewelry wholesale

The islands of thousands of temples were inhabited by around 2000 BC by Austronesian people who migrated from Taiwan.There are nine Hindu sects namely Ganapatya, Sora, Resi, Waisnawa, Bodha, Siwa Shidanta, Bhairawa, Pasupata, Brahma. Each of sect refers to its personal Godhead.

If we are talking about Balinese art is all related to the art of Hindu Javanese origin. It’s grown from the work of artisans of the Majapahit Kingdom and in the late 14th century started their expansion to Bali. The east part of Bali which is the village of Kamasan, klungkung was the center of classical art. Ubud and the neighboring villages start to established as well in the late of the twentieth century.

The area of what Bali art is famous for are separated into many areas in Bali. Mas is known for their woodcarvings, stone carvings in Batubulan, gold and silver smiths in Celuk, paintings in Ubud and Batuan.

The art from Bali is actually carved, painted, woven, and prepared into objects intended for everyday use rather than as object d ‘art as what Eiseman mentioned on his book, wood carving of Bali.

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Balinese artisans in the making of horn jewelry wholesale

The carving underwent the same transformation like the painting during the period of the 1930s to 1940s. The creativity emerged during this period is attributed to the western influences.In the 1970s the art deco influences continued well.The Pitamaha artist guild was the prime mover in painting as well as in the carving.

Masters of Balinese modernist woodcarving were: I Tagelan (1902-1935), Ida Bagus Nyana, Ida Bagus Tilem and Tjokot (1886-1971). Ida Bagus Nyana gained known for experimenting with mass in sculpture. Tjokot was famous for exploiting the expressive quality inherent in the wood.Ida  The son of Nyana, Ida Bagus Tilem took up abstract themes with philosophical or psychological content. His using distorted pieces of wood that are endowed with strong and expressive power.

Ida Bagus Tilem was also a teacher. He trained a lot of sculptors how to select wood for the expressive power. He also taught them how to established a dialogue between man and wood. That’s has become the mainstream of today Balinese carving. With all the reason that mentioned above, Bali always becomes the center of the makers of horn jewelry wholesale.


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