Frances Austen’s sweater gives a cool breeze. The exciting news is like a cool breeze for sweater fans that also care about the environment. As we know, clothing that can last long is what we should look for, even if it means we have to invest in advance. When Margaret Coblentz left the fast fashion industry in 2016, she was truly exhausted. She did not know what to do next, but she was sure of one thing. She knew that she could not return to work for any company retailer. It’s time for a new road and changing the direction that is different from the previous one.


That was the beginning of the birth of the Frances Austen brand based in San Francisco, United States. This eco-conscious collection of cashmere sweaters is the antithesis of the previous Coblentz world. Her previous world where the fast fashion world is located. In her new world, she strives to use the best natural fabrics to create products that she hopes will last a lifetime.


The sweater she made was cashmere made in Mongolia. Of course, we all know that Mongolia is a source where almost all cashmere originates. Then this sweater was spun in Italy by the well-known cashmere producer, Cariaggi. The company holds sustainable ISO 14001 certification for wool and is a founding member of CCMI, a group that represents accountability and sustainability in the production of cashmere clothing. After being spun in Italy, the cloth flew to Scotland and there the cloth was sewn into clothing by Johnstons of Elgin.


Frances Austen Sweater is An Exclusive Cashmere

As you can imagine, having a supply chain like that doesn’t make this sweater cheap. Starting from $ 395 for a Reversible V sweater to $ 595 for a long size cardigan. Coblentz explained to Treehugger that she justified high prices – specifically what made customers choose Frances Austen’s sweater.


But you might be a little surprised because the word ‘sustainable’ never appears on Frances Austen’s website. This is due to Coblentz’s frustrated tone with the unclear true meaning of sustainability is. Instead, she prefers to explain specifically about the practices and certifications carried out by the brand. One of them is 100 percent biodegradability. Although this is not commonly referred to in the fashion world, it is something that should be taken into account because of the awareness of microplastic pollution in clothing.


Frances Austen Sweater is the Right Choice for Those Who Care for the Earth

Frances Austen’s tagline is “We make clothes with forever in mind” which we respect very much. If we want to improve our fashion habits, then we have to use items over and over again – and the longer we do it, the smaller the overall footprint of the sweater and the price per garment. So, the longer a product lasts, the better the investment for the long term.


The same logic applies to work conditions. If we want to know that our clothes are not made in conditions like in the world of slavery, we must be willing to pay more for that, especially if we can wear those clothes for years.


Not everyone can buy Frances Austen’s sweaters, but it is a useful thing to ask yourself how many $ 25 sweaters have been bought in the last 10 years or more, and whether it can be replaced with just one Frances Austen sweater to put on your wardrobe.


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