Franca Sozzani is one of the ethical fashion supporters who died in 2016. Many people are sad and feel lost for Franca’s death, especially the fashion world she has long been involved in. When news of Franca’s death was preached, the sense of loss was called for and revealed by the world’s leading fashion figures.


Franca Sozzani was born and raised in Mantua, Lombardi, northern Italy on January 20, 1950. She died on December 22, 2016. She had a career as an Italian journalist and editor-in-chief at Italian Vogue magazine from 1988 until the end of her life. Reportedly, Franca had indeed been sick for a long time until she died.


She has become a person who has been widely embraced as an adventurous life spirit for more than 23 years. With her hard work, she managed to form Vogue into a magazine that does not only prioritize the power of the image. She made fashion as a vehicle to discuss various broader issues.


Franca Sozzani Legacy

Franca worked on a famous magazine from the United States,  Vogue. She served as the leader of the risk-taking editor for Vogue Italia and is one of the staunch supporters of ethical fashion. This blonde woman died at the age of 66 years old.


Franca’s is known as a warm, smart, funny, full of energy, and confident person. She was also known to her co-workers as a hard worker who was able to overcome various matters at once. Although her busyness piles up, she always succeeds in whatever work she faces without looking super busy. She is a person who is creative, brave, passionate and able to hold her commitments, including the environment.


According to Franca, respect and care for the environment, sustainability, and fair trade are features that are inseparable from the fashion world today. That is what she has said as the Global Goodwill Ambassadors for the United Nations affiliated with the Fashion 4 Development initiative. For her, fashion is not just a “piece of cloth”, but is more than that.


Franca Sozzani Really Understands Ethical Fashion

Fashion is used as a vehicle to fight for a problem, such as environmental issues, poverty, and gender equality. She likes to travel around Africa and Asia to bridge the relationship between the first world and the third world. She believes in providing work, more than just raising charity.


For this belief, Franca once said that it was impossible for someone to be able to help anyone in the world without giving them education, salary, and working for their education. According to her, when someone has a salary, she will feel like a human being that has been recognized by the community.


That belief helped Franca prove it. By utilizing its influence on companies like Pinko, she commissioned Ethiopian factories to print and make 30,000 bags. Her belief actually contradicted the opinions of people who told to go around and make awareness.


She prefers working because for her the most important thing is what is done and what has been done. Meanwhile, ethical for her is about respect. Franca’s sustainability version is not only about ecological aspects but involves continuity and what reciprocity is given.


The people around Franca considered her to be a talented, influential, and important person. She is able to be professional, even when she is in a relationship with someone. Franca always encourages contributors and surrounding people to do more and more. Her personality who is honest, funny, warm, has a sense of irony, and humble makes her loved and admired by many people.


Now that figure is gone forever. However, that does not mean that everything she has done will be forgotten. Good things she has done will always be remembered by the world. That’s how humans are, we should always do good things so that those who are remembered are all the good of us. The work of Franca Sozzani will always be remembered.


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