Lee Min Ho, who does not know this handsome Korean actor? Surely everyone in the world already knows a lot, especially for Korean drama lovers. Lee Min Hoo’s name became known after starring in the Korean drama “Boys Over Flower” in 2009.


The man who was born in Heukseuk-dong, Seoul, Korea, June 22, 1987, is the son of a businessman. At the elementary school, Lee Min Ho wants to be a soccer player and he is getting more interested in football because his school opens a football extracurricular class. At the time of entering the football class, Lee Min Ho suffered a foot injury, which made him have to rest and should not run fast.


That injured made his dreams to become soccer players should be buried deeply. At the time of high school, Lee Min Ho was interested in acting, since then he did a lot of drama performances held at his school. His interest in acting continues until his college. During college, Lee Min Ho majored in Film and Theater, at Konkuk University.


Being born not from a wealthy family, Lee Min Ho began living independently during college, following various castings for the Korean drama series. When he starred in three drama series, Lee Min Ho had a car accident while driving. This accident requires Lee Min Ho to rest for a year.


In 2007, Lee Min Ho started his acting again by starring in the drama series “Macrekel Run”, but the drama was less successful to captivate the audience. In 2008, Lee Min Ho starred in two movies at once, the two films are quite catapulted his name.


And in 2009, his name is increasingly known for his good acting in Korean drama series called “Boys Over Flower”. In the Korean drama series, Lee Min Ho became the lead role, as Lee Min Ho’s acting was awarded as the best newcomer actor. Lee Min Ho began to get a lot of offers from various TV drama series, movies and commercials to date.


Not only a handsome face, a good voice, good at acting, and a famous actor, Lee Min Ho has a high concern for the environment and he joined the Chilean Forest burned in 2011.


Since that time, Lee Min Ho has been actively promoting the movement of protecting forests and voicing to replant trees around the environment, especially in deforested forest environments.


Not only for the fans alone, all the people in the world must also raise awareness that the importance of maintaining and protecting the environment, especially forests. Because according to Lee Min Ho, forests are very important to the lungs of the world.


With handsome faces, having a lot of skills, being a famous actor, model, singer, and ad star, and having an environmental love attitude, Lee Min Ho should be a role model for fans as well as for anyone who wants to participate in protecting our environment.


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