Daryl Hannah is an American film actress who also doubles as an environmental activist. Daryl Christine Hannah was born in Chicago, December 3, 1960.


Daryl has been interested in film since she was young, one of the reasons is because of the insomnia disorder she suffered. Her first debut on the screen is in the horror movie The Fury (1978) directed by Brian De Palma.


This blond woman is also active in environmental actions. She is the founder of the Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance (SBA) and is often an environmental advisory board such as the Environmental Media Association (EMA) organization, Sylvia Earle Alliance, Mission Blue and Action Sports Environmental Coalition.


Daryl Hannah has her own website called DHLoveLife which contains news, tips, and eco-friendly products. She brings his own show in the Lovelife video blog series that has content on global sustainability exploration and demonstrates how fun it is to go green.


She created the blog to help provide “green” information to audiences based on his experience of having difficulty finding information and news sources while building his eco homes.


To show how much she loves the environment, Daryl lives in a house that uses solar energy and is made from environmentally friendly materials. She also drives a biodiesel fuel (fuel based on vegetable oil or animal fat). In addition, Daryl Hannah is also a vegan since the age of 11 years.


Initially, she became a vegan actually not for environmental reasons or health, but entirely because of emotional reactions that she experienced at the age of 7 years. At that time she met some calves and made friends with one of them.


When she asked the name of the calf to the owner, the owner replied, “Veal, tomorrow at 7 am.” Hearing the answer, Daryl was dumbfounded and began to feel strange to find animal-based food on her plate.


Its passion for the environment comes very simply, beginning with a feeling of empathy and curiosity, figuring out how cruel and unfamiliar humans are to the environment.


She also learned a lot from her uncle, Haskell Wexler who is also an activist as well as film director. Her uncle made many films about human justice issues and dangerous energy practices that made Daryl amazed. From there she began to be inspired to become an environmental activist.


At the end of 2006, Daryl joined the judge for Treehugger.com (website on sustainable-ness) in the protest “Convenient Truths”. The beautiful girlfriend of ex-boyfriend John F. Kennedy also joined in Operation Musashi campaign by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society on December 4, 2008, ago.


In her journey as an environmental activist, it is not impossible Daryl faced with sharp pebbles. On 13 June 2006, she was arrested, along with actor Taran Noah Smith as well.


This is due to her involvement with over 350 farmers, her family, and her supporters, confronting the authorities trying to bulldoze the largest urban farmland in the US, precisely in South Central Los Angeles. She was eventually imprisoned for some time. However, that does not dampen her resolve to continue to be an environmental activist.


On June 23, 2009, Daryl was again arrested along with 31 others while participating in a protest against mountaintop removal in West Virginia, part of the widest campaign to stop the practice in the area. NASA climate expert James E. Hansen was also involved in the protests.


The day after the action, Daryl spoke briefly through a telephone interview in the Democracy Now! Program! about the reasons for her participation and why he dared to risk detention.


In 2010 and 2011, Daryl supported the project activist Tom Weis ‘Ride for Renewables’ to promote renewable energy. The twists and turns of Daryl’s struggle during the environmental activists have never ceased and are still continuing.


She must be willing to feel the coldness of the floor behind bars, but the bitter experience does not necessarily stop her ambition as an environmental warrior. This spirit is to be emulated from a Daryl Hannah.


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