Menjangan Island in Bali is a small island with an area of 175 hectares, the island is located in the Village Klampok, District Grokgak, Buleleng regency, Bali. The name “Menjangan” is taken from the local language meaning deer because there are hundreds of wild deer that live on this island.


To get to this island you can use the road with the Denpasar route, Bali or Banyuwangi route, East Java because the Menjangan Island location also not that far from Banyuwangi. If using the Denpasar route, it will take 4 hours. From Denpasar you have to go to Port Gilimanuk, arrive at the port you have to rent a boat to get to Menjangan Island.


On the way from Denpasar to the harbor you will be presented with green rice fields of Bali and from the Port of Gilimanuk to Menjangan Island you will be served the scenery of the sea.


While traveling from Banyuwangi is perfect for you who likes backpacker way. From Banyuwangi you have to go to Bungurasih Terminal, from this terminal you have to move the bus with the aim of Denpasar and down at the Port of Gilimanuk, from the port you have to rent a boat to get to Menjangan Island.


From a distance, it already shows the clear sea water and white sand Menjangan Island, once you set foot on the island you will feel like being in a fairytale country.


The landscape on the ground will make you chuckle awe, the feel of nature is still felt because there are some trees that grow fertile. Hundreds of deer that roam freely or are soaking in the edge of the island will welcome you to come when you enter this island. Not only that you will be greeted by the sound of melodious of Bali are perched among the trees.


There are also some caves on the beach that are inhabited by hundreds of bats. In addition to public tourist attractions, this island also has religious attractions, because there is a temple building jutted into the sea with a large statue of Ganesha on the edge of the island. It is said that there is a story that tells the journey of Dang Hyang Siddhi mantra to the island of Bali and when he arrived at this small island he asks his staff to split the island of Java and Bali.


In honor of Dang Hyang Siddhimantra the Balinese create a temple building, named Segara Giri Dharma Menjangan Temple. This temple is one of the icons in Pulau Menjangan and also one of the favorite spots for the tourists. But there are some conditions that must be obeyed when entering the temple area, one of which you must wear covered and polite clothes.


Besides the charming land, this time we will discuss the beauty of the underwater. Seen from the top of the water surface we can see coral reefs with various shapes and formations. The corals form small caves and large caves in the sea that serve as habitat soft coral reefs, groupers, and sea eels.


Snorkeling above sea level and peeking into small caves, you will see small snapper and batfish that swim back and forth. At the bottom of the sea, you will see some barrel sponges with a very large size. Not only that, swim to the depth of the sea there is marine biota such as tuna fish, gembolan jackfish, angelfish, sea turtles and even sharks.


The island is famous for the most beautiful diving spot in Bali and one of the most beautiful in the world. Among the three most famous spots on the island are Eel Garden, Secret Bay, and Anchor Wreck.


The first most beautiful place is Eel Garden, there is a collection of various marine biota, eel garden (sea worms that appear from the surface of the seabed), sea fans, and gorgonian of various colors.


Another great place is in Secret Bay, where you’ll find ribbon eel, dragonets, frogfish, shrimpfish, nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish, lionfish, lobsters and another marine biota.


Unlike the two previous places, in Anchor Wreck is only intended for professional divers because at a depth of 45 meters there is a historic object that is the Dutch shipwreck that sank in the 19th century when World War II.


The island that offers a million of this beauty can make us fascinated. This place can be a reference as nature vacation. Menjangan Island in Bali is really rich in marine biota but please keep in mind that this place is a conservation area and not inhabited, so every tourist who visits Menjangan Island in Bali is required to participate in maintaining its sustainability.


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