The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta can be found in several places. Jogjakarta is a special area because it is still fully supported by its natural beauty. Many places in Jogjakarta are not too crowded but offer a myriad of scenic beauty. You can enjoy some of the natural scenery in this place at private and still affordable price.


Despite the natural attractions, these places are also supported by adequate facilities and activities that are worth visiting. Here are five most beautiful sunset places in Jogjakarta, according to our recommendation.


  1. Bukit Parang Endog

Jogjakarta city is one of the cities that is very fun to enjoy the sunset. Although most people are more familiar with the Palace of Queen Boko or Bukit Bintang, there are natural attractions that as beautiful as the beauty of Ratu Boko Palace which is Bukit Parang Endog. The location is also not far from Parang Tritis Beach, this beach is also one of the icons of Jogjakarta.


Enjoying the beauty of sunset feels so serenity in Bukit Parang Endog. From the top of the hill, we can see the beauty of dusk with the backdrop of a vast expanse of the South Sea. The scenery here is more beautiful when the sun begins to cross the horizon line. This hill is a base for paragliding sport but rarely used since there is no rental for paragliding equipment.


This hill is usually used as a place for events at certain events, such as Jogja Air Show which is held every year at Pantai Tritis and Parang Kusumo. Moreover, Bukit Parang Endog is functioned as a place to enjoy the view of the open sea.

The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta

Bukit Parang Endog


  1. Sinden Beach

For those who love nature and challenges, it seems you are obliged to visit Sinden Beach. This place is often a topic of discussion, especially by netizens in social media. Beautiful nature and exotic waves are the main attraction for tourists.


The availability of extreme tourist attractions, namely wooden gondolas and traditional hanging bridges, adding more to the attraction of visitors to come to this place. The view of the open sea, the sound of waves, and the wind that blew hard make the bridge easy to wiggle. After crossing the bridge, we will arrive at Kalong Island. Named Kalong Island because of a lot of swarms of bats that inhabit this island.


From the top of this Kalong island, we can enjoy the natural panorama while waiting for the sunset. For those who like fishing, you can also catch fish or lobsters on this island.

The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta

Sinden Beach


  1. Ganguk Pasir Parangkusumo

Gangkuk Pasir Parangkusumo is located in Bantul regency. This sand streak comes from the eruption of Mount Merapi, then settled and carried away by the river flow which empties into the South Coast, between the River Opak and Progo River. After that these sands settled on the beach, then the wind-carved a pile of sand.


In this place, tourists can enjoy the sunset at Gumuk Pasir Parangkusomo like being in the Sahara Desert because this place at a glance looks similar. In addition, this place is also often used as a skateboarding exercise.

The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta

Ganguk Pasir Parangkusumo


  1. Becici Peak

Becici’s peak is famous for its beautiful panorama. Seen from the rows of green trees that grow large and dense from a height with the background of Mount Merapi and Mount Merbabu. By late afternoon, the sunshine in this area is golden orange, combined with blue sky and white clouds, this adds to the beauty of the landscape above the peak.

The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta

Becici Peak


  1. Batu Miring Jogjakarta

Batu Miring Jogjakarta is one of the favorite places to see sunrise and sunset. Sunset in this place is the most eagerly awaited and the blend of color is quite beautiful. We just have to sit on the leaning rock and enjoy the scenery straight ahead seeing the sunset.


If we keep taking care the environment, actually do not need to go abroad to see a beautiful sunset. The best sunset view can be enjoyed in many places in Indonesia. The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta found in some places can be a suitable holiday destination for you to clear your mind.

The most beautiful Sunset in Jogjakarta

Batu Miring Jogjakarta


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