Nadine Chandrawinata, who does not know this beautiful woman? Her father is Javanese – Chinese and her mother is German. Surely all the people, especially the Indonesian people are very familiar with this beautiful-looking woman. This woman who was born on May 8, 1984, in Hannover, Germany turned out to be a lover of nature and really care for the environment.


Before becoming a famous actress like now, Nadine started her career by literally Princess Of Indonesia 2005 and a delegate representing Indonesia in the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant. Although she did not win the crown of Miss Universe, Nadine name still become more famous in Indonesia after this event.


Many offers come to her, being a movie player and ad stars, including a tv show presenter including about nature tourism.


Things that Nadine Chandrawinata Has Done For The Environment


Love to spread the love for the earth to the world

By 2015, Nadine is busy becoming a member of various environmental communities. Nadine began to spread this love for the earth, in this sense, Nadine invites young people from Indonesia to protect the environment.

Some small things that Nadine taught, for example, to turn off the cigarette before it is thrown into the bin, do not throw any garbage anywhere, carrying your own shopping bag if you want to shop, turn off electricity and tap water when not in use.


Create an environmental awareness bracelet

To give more impact, the young Indonesians who have participated are given awareness bracelets as a reward for helping to protect the environment.


Avoid Plastic

By not wearing plastic items, this is one of Nadine’s ways to protect the environment, including the purchase of bottled water. Nadine recommends taking a drink from home and not wearing plastic bottles.


Joining WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature)

Nadine has been very excited since she was invited to join WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature). At WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature), Nadine is required to plunge directly into the forest to monitor and study the populations of the endangered Sumatran Tiger.Not only on tigers, Nadine is also assigned to lead the Tori Batang Forest campaign in Sumatra.


Working with communities and NGOs to build natural schools

This school aims to introduce what is in nature and take care and protect the natural environment. The learning system is also not like the typical school, which is learning in the school building. Learning activities of this school of nature are done on the beach or in the middle of the forest.


Helps to reduce the pollution

One thing that Nadine does to reduce pollution is doing lots of cycling. According to her, by using the bike a lot, she will be able to reduce the existing pollution.


Make your clothes eco-friendly

Nadine is a true Fashion lover, her concern for the environment has shown with her outfit design. Apparently, it is made from environmentally friendly fabrics, not only that the packaging is very eco-friendly do not use plastic and use reusable paper.


Have an Eco-Friendly Villa in Raja Ampat

By having Villa in Raja Ampat, Nadine intends to keep the beauty of Raja Ampat awake. The villa that she built is also made from materials that are sourced from nature and recycled materials.


This is a little story of Nadine Chandrawinata’s activities that she has done to protect the environment. Therefore by following her positive path, Nadine Chandrawinata has shown to the surrounding community, that there are a lot of ways to show to the world, how much she loves the earth. Don’t forget we need to try to leave this mother of earth a better place than when we arrived.


Nadine Chandrawinata Nadine Chandrawinata Nadine Chandrawinata

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