BreeLayne Carter or better known as BreeLayne is a designer from Los Angeles, America. She began her career as a designer who cares for the environment because at first she could not find sustainable clothes to fill her wardrobe.


She was previously an apprentice at Cynthia Vincent, The Row and Reformation and finally founded her own luxury brand in 2015 as a way to turn deadstock and vintage fabrics into pieces that have attractive designs. Since then, her clothes have been used by many famous Hollywood artists such as Katy Perry, Olivia Munn and Emma Watson.


She aims to reduce her carbon footprint by using environmentally friendly dyes and recycled materials for her packaging, paying a fair wage to the artisans. All shipping orders sent every week are based in Downtown Los Angeles. Pieces of ready-made dresses for red carpets such as the $ 1,095 Agata dress and $ 1,325 Adelina puff sleeve dress along with a $ 1,995 patchwork leather jacket made to ensure a process without waste. The brand also plants trees in partnership with the National Forest Foundation for every purchase of clothing from them.


The reason Why BreeLayne built her Own Line

After studying at Pratt University she worked at several different companies before realizing her true calling: “Something is missing, there is no luxury brand with a continuing focus,” BreeLayne explained. “Yes, Stella McCartney is also focused on that, but I want to do something intentional. As a small company, trying to be fully sustainable is really difficult, but everything we launch is really thought out.”


As a result, she only uses deadstock fabric – because she doesn’t want to be a big contributor to pollution by using new fabrics. But don’t think because the focus is sustainability so the pieces of clothes looks boring. The design is very charming and influenced by vintage and international culture, where designers immerse themselves fully during the conception of each collection: “Every season, I really want to understand the concept chosen, so I read a lot, research, and travel often,” said BreeLayne, one of its collections was inspired by Indian culture by adding a touch of Los Angeles.”Everything is very easy. All of my concepts can be used with jeans or tennis shoes. I feel luxury must be about convenience and comfort. ”


The dream of BreeLayne

Since childhood, she always loved nature. From the beginning she knew that she would not start a brand if she could not have a sustainable focus. She feels that sustainability is far more than a material choice because it uses designer materials that are deadstocks so never produce cloth from scratch and nothing is wasted. She has two hopes. One way is to empower women to be their most authentic selves and another thing is to make a difference in the sustainable field by helping to fight existing industry norms. We should admire BreeLayne because she strives to make sustainable luxury a philosophy that is suitable for everyone.


BreeLayne BreeLayne BreeLayne

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