Kevin Germanier a swiss designer graduated from Central Saint Martins who creates glamorous and sustainable clothing from beads that have been discarded and are no longer used. Germany likes radical and aims to change the way we think about sustainable fashion.


The eponymous 2018 fall/winter collection is full of glamorous clothes and has a surprising story with lots of fabric made with discarded beads that suppose to be dumped in a landfill.


“I have spent almost 2 years perfecting this technique, so I feel quite confident,” Germanier said about the technique of sprinkling thin bodysuits and colorful dresses with small plastic beads and silicone materials that are part of the “secret ingredient” This will appear to produce a rainbow of beautifully arranged lines of clothing when thousands of beads sparkle in a kaleidoscopic effect.


He found the idea when he was in Hong Kong during a six-month work placement and won a prize for winning the EcoChic Design Award. The beads were discarded because the colors did not match what the market wanted, but Germanier decided to save that beads and made them into 93 beads bag when he returned to London.


Kevin Germanier and Beads

After graduating from Central Saint Martins in July 2017, Germanier’s interest in sustainability mode was born out of practicality. As a student in London, Germanier used bed sheets for his design course because he did not have enough money to buy the cloth needed to describe his ideas.


The young designer claimed to feel embarrassed because he used the remaining fabric of his flat friend and lied to his mentors about the origin of the fabric. Now that he fully adheres to the idea of recycling he recognizes that the key to creating sustainable clothing is to compromise. “Limitations make me more creative,” he said. “It is my job as a young fashion designer to find a solution and make it work and become a high artwork no matter what happens.”


Björk is one of the singers who use and recently artists have chosen to wear beaded dresses and are one of the exclusive collections for the fall. “Germanier women respect the past, he is aware of the present, but he has lived in the future,” said the designer and he insists that sustainable fashion can be liked, sexy, feminine, dazzling, shiny and glamorous. Adjectives that are rarely used to describe clothing originating from previous garbage.


Kevin Germanier and His Dreams

Based in Paris, he does his daily work at Louis Vuitton as a junior designer in the morning. After that, at night he worked for his brand, so it was an indication of his work ethic, and that might help him to achieve his dream of becoming the creative director of the famous brand Christian Dior.


This might come sooner than he thought because he had become the winner of the Eco Award and  Redress award. However, his recent achievements did not make him forget to remain humble. “It’s important to stay true to yourself and don’t forget that I’m only 26 years old. I still have time to learn. “Thus Kevin Germanier answered firmly and confidently.


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