The natural burial has recently been discovered. The funeral concept uses biodegradable materials that are environmentally friendly. This discovery is very innovative and beneficial to the environment because it has the potential to create new forests in a greenway.


Usually, dead bodies are buried with crates, some are immediately buried without crates. The boxes used are not all organic. It’s different from the funeral concept that was recently discovered which was designed organically and environmentally conscious.


Mundi Capsules Discover the Concept of Natural Burial

Mundi Capsules are a cultural and broad-based project that pioneered ways of looking at cemetery differently. They designed a pod-shaped like an egg, an ancient and perfect shape. Pods are made from biodegradable materials which can place the body of the loved one.


Funeral methods like this may be unconventional and unique. This method originates from Italy made by designers Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel. The idea is to put the body in a baby-like position in the fetus in a biodegradable capsule. The capsule they created really can turn the body of a corpse into a tree.


How the Natural Burial Works

In short, this is how the natural burial process takes place: first, the body is placed in a position like a fetus and then buried in the ground. Above the capsule will be sown tree seeds or trees can be planted directly on it. The type of tree to be planted can be chosen as desired, as well as choosing a coffin for a normal funeral.


Capsules of Mundi Capsules made from 100% starch so it can be decomposed. After placing the body in the capsule, then the capsule will be planted in the soil like seeds.


Capsule material made from plastic starch does not prevent the natural decomposition of the capsule. This material also allows organic matter to turn into minerals that will provide nutrients for vegetative organisms on earth. In the end, gradually the capsule will turn the cemetery into a forest full of trees.


One capsule planted will help create a memorable forest. The tree that grows above the capsule functions like a gravestone in a conventional cemetery. The body that decomposes inside the capsule will turn into nutrients for the tree and will be the intake for the growth of trees on it.


This idea is actually very unique and interesting because it is able to return the human body to the ground so that later trees are used to protect the earth. If conventional burial ground is usually decorated with tombstones, this method gives another view of a cemetery.


Just like planting trees, following this method actually helps improve the Earth’s environment which has suffered a lot of damage due to deforestation, illegal logging, and so on.


Planting capsules in the soil are the same as planting seeds or tree seeds. The result will be extraordinary to fertilize the soil, sticks, wood, and stone into plants. One of the soil fertility researchers at the University of Gajah Mada, Department of Land, in Jogjakarta, Indonesia, Nadia Widya said that countries that control biomass, including trees and wood, are the countries that control the future.


According to Nasih, the main idea of this new funeral concept is to plant trees. This is a good way to do. Even so, this method is still a concept because Italian law still prohibits such funerals. If this concept is really applied, it will create a memorial park with lots of trees rather than tombstones.


However, planting trees is an interesting and exemplary idea. It would be better if each warning was accompanied by tree planting activities. For example, weddings include tree planting activities, childbirth thanksgiving accompanied by planting trees, or even when they die they don’t forget to plant trees. The natural burial with Mundi Capsules defines an endless life.


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