Baduy Tribe or Urang Kanekes is a group of Banten people who live in Lebak, Banten since 1526 AD. The name  Baduy is based on several reasons, such as this tribal residence close to Baduy Mountain, where Baduyut trees grow and some think Baduy is taken from Buddha.


The Baduy believe that they are descendants of one of the seven gods sent to earth. Prophet Adam also believed as their first ancestor. Prophet Adam and his descendants have the duty to guard and protect all beings in the world.


This tribe is divided into three groups, namely Baduy Dalam  (Tangtu), Baduy Luar (Panamping) and Baduy Dangka. The Baduy Dalam (Tangtu) is a Baduy tribe who is very obedient and obedient to the customs of the ancestors and never broke any rules. The Baduy Dalam resides in Cibeo, Cikartawana, and Cikeusik.


Baduy Luar (Panamping) is a Baduy tribe that has violated the customs of the ancestors. The characteristics of the Baduy Luar (Panamping) are already familiar with electronics, wearing jeans and T-shirts, using modern home appliances, such as cups, plates, cushions, mattresses and home building process using aids, such as chainsaws, nails, hammers, hammerheads. The Baduy Luar resides in Cikadu, Cisagu, Gajeboh, Kaduketuk, and Kadukolot.


In fact, many Tribes in Baduy Dangka wearing a veil like devoted Muslim women in general. Baduy Dangka has been evicted from the Baduy Dalam and also not recognized by the Baduy Luar. Baduy Dangka began to spread his teachings in 2001.


This time we will discuss Baduy Dalam that can be said as eco-tribe. The Baduy Dalam tribe is the most obedient to the teachings of the ancestors and not violate the prevailing culture provisions.


This tribe society is deeply isolated, secluded and far from the city center. Its people livelihood as rice farmers (cultivating dry land), and look for additional income by selling fruits and honey from the forest.


The 14-year-old girl should be married. In this marriage, the girl should be arranged with the Baduy Tribe In the choice of parents. The man’s parents must decide which girl will be their daughter-in-law. If there is no match in the search, both the parents of the man and the parents of the girl must obey the choice Pu’un (Chairman of the Baduy Tribe).


Baduy Dalam House is made of woven bamboo, wood, and clay. In the manufacturing process does not use any tools, such as saws, hammers, nails and other building tools.


In the making of this house, all the houses should face north or south (except Pu’un, free to determine the direction of his house). All the houses of the same population, which distinguishes the rich from the pottery made of brass contained in the house.

No electricity, no electronics, and no other household utensils. They only rely on nature on all their home supplies. This tribe traveling anywhere without using any vehicle and prefer to walk without using footwear.


The materials used for their shirts are also sewn and hand-woven by hand and without any sewing tools. The color of the fabric used must also be black or white. Bags are also made of reeds, roots, rattan, and coconut shells.


The use of plastic cups and plates is strictly prohibited. Thye is using bamboo as a glass and banana leaf as a base for eating or dishes. In their daily life, they only eat vegetables and fruits taken directly from the forest. They only eat chicken or meat only on big days and certain events only.


Gotong royong in cleaning the village is always done routinely. To keep their village clean and not polluted. Natural environment also they always take good care and always preserve it.


Hygiene, as well as the use of natural materials, are highly respected. The custom made their life more beautiful and peaceful. Some things done by this Baduy Tribe can be a motivation for everyone, especially the city community to be aware and care about the environment.


Baduy Tribe Baduy Tribe Baduy Tribe Baduy Tribe

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