Do you still remember the photo uploaded by Marshanda on her Instagram account that gave a lot of response a few years ago? The photo that she was exercising yoga with an acrobatic movement, better known as the acroyoga.


Sports yoga itself originally came from India and is now one of the lifestyle trends, especially for those of you who live in big cities. Now, this type of yoga is not only done by yogis but also by some Indonesian celebrities such as Marshanda, Luna Maya, Andien, Sarwendah, Inul Daratista, Pevita Pearce, Nabila Syakieb, Raisa and other female artists.


What are the benefits of Acroyoga especially for women?

  1. Practicing the courage

Some people think that it is a difficult sport and quite scary. But without realizing it this yoga can train courage if you try to do it. It should be emphasized that you should not do it if you are still in doubt, because if you are forced to do the movement, it will not be maximal and can cause injury to parts of the body.


  1. Practicing Muscle Strength

With frequent training, the muscles get stronger, especially large muscles. Some movements such as flying on the feet can be done because the muscles that are between the stomach and genitals have been formed and can be activated immediately. For some people who rarely exercise especially doing yoga usually the muscles in the body become inactive and difficult to do acro yoga. It is recommended to start with basic yoga practice before trying this type of yoga.


  1. Tighten the Genital area

For the women, this type of yoga has deeper benefits such as tightening the genitals. Some movements can be felt up to the inner thigh, where this movement serves to tighten the vital part and of course this will make the relationship more harmonious for those of you who are married.


Other benefits of Acroyoga, especially for women

  1. Bone formation

For some people who have a bent back or bent body shape, this type of yoga can be an alternative for the formation of bones to be more erect. Some of its movements, such as the above-the-leg gauze by opening the chest, can provide the benefit of upholding the spine and reducing pain in your waist. Using the foot as a foundation will make this movement more perfect in bone formation.


  1. Harmonizing the relationships with partners

Besides being beneficial for health, this type of yoga is also useful to strengthen relationships, especially husband and wife relations. In yoga, you can practice trust and establish stronger communication. In addition to the relationship between husband and wife, family relations or outside the family such as sibling relationships and friendship can be more intimate.


Even if you try it with strangers, if you do it together then you can make the relationship more familiar with each other faster. This is because in yoga what is prioritized is communication between the base and the flyer. This is usually called an instant connection.


This type of yoga is very unique because in every movement it does contain a combination of acrobatic and yoga elements. Acroyoga turns out not only instagrammable but also has many benefits if we are willing to learn it. Are you interested to try it?


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