Sky Mirror in Selangor is the most recent tourist spot in Selangor, Malaysia. Selangor is a country that forms Malaysia, located in the middle of Peninsular Malaysia and around Kuala Lumpur. Selangor population is the most when compared to other cities in Malaysia.


Selangor name is not as famous as Kuala Lumpur because the scenery in Selangor is totally different. If Kuala Lumpur can be called as a modern city because it presents a city full of luxury buildings, different from Selangor that presents views of the village, beaches, fresh air, friendly and simple people, and there are also some historic buildings. So for the seeker of tranquility and peace is perfect to visit Selangor, although Selangor tour is newly developed.


Nowadays around Selangor is more comfortable because it has facilitated various transportation. Its stunning natural beauty makes Selangor progress its civilization can even be said to be the most advanced in Southeast Asia, ranging from transportation, health, education and urban planning. So don’t be surprised if Selangor is the richest area in Malaysia.


The natural beauty is amazing and worth to be visited by tourists from outside or from within the country. One of the natural attractions in Selangor is Sky Mirror.


These natural attractions are located in the vast plains that form an island in the middle of the sea and only cover with water as high as 6 meters. If the water cover it looks like an artificial island but has a flat surface. The reflection of the sky on the surface of the water can produce images, as if we were standing on the floor of the mirror therefore many gave the name as Sky Mirror. Some people dub this place as a Reflection of the Heavens.


This phenomenon occurs only a few days a month and usually appears at the beginning of the month and at the time of full moon. The uniqueness of this phenomenon makes a strong attraction for local and foreign tourists.


If you are interested in visiting Sky Mirror, you have to go to the Buluh River Pier to get to Sasaran Beach. Arriving at the pier we have to rent a small boat with a capacity of 10 passengers. This pier is often also used by local residents to catch fish, besides this dock is the main door to sailing towards Target Beach.


On the boat, you also have to pay attention to safety like not removing the jacket buoy, because sometimes the waves hit the boat suddenly on the way to Target Beach. During the half hour journey on the boat, you will walk along the mangrove forest while listening to the gulls floating around the boat.


From a distance began to appear land that emerged and formed a vast island with receding sea water. The remaining sea water becomes its own reflection to bring up the reflected images so that our shadow appears so beautiful, especially when a color of the reflected object collides with the color of the sky and resulting in more beautiful color.


Despite the low tide, this place is a habitat for aquatic animals, namely seashells and baby shells are abundant among the surface of the sand of the sea. By the time you sweep your feet on the sand, you will also see another small-sized marine biota, such as sea anemones, sea grapes, red crabs, beach crabs, estuarine crabs, bamboo shells, sea slugs and various other shellfish.


With the various tourist attractions in Selangor, this can advance the business in this region. The Malaysian government has also tried to preserve nature in Selangor. Sky Mirror in Selangor is one of the interesting natural attractions for your visit but it needs public awareness to maintain and develop by not destroying or polluting the surrounding.


Sky Mirror in Selangor Sky Mirror in SelangorSky Mirror in Selangor Sky Mirror in Selangor Sky Mirror in Selangor Sky Mirror in Selangor

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