Lake Moraine Canada is located in Banff National Park, 14 km from Lake Louise countryside, Alberta, Canada. The beauty of this lake makes many people want to visit. This place is rumored as one of the best lakes in the world, even crowned as one of the 7 most beautiful lakes in the world by CNN.


The lake is located quite far from the capital of Canada, Ottawa, which is about 3000 km away. Also is quite far from Toronto and Vancouver. However, the tiredness of traveling due to distance can be paid by much natural beauty in the Alberta area, one of that is Banff National Park.


Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada. The location is in the Rocky Mountains, west of Calgary, Alberta. Rows of mountains with hundreds of glaciers, forests, ice skates and views of the Alps can be enjoyed in Banff National Park. Similarly, the extraordinary beauty of Lake Moraine can be found there.


A lot of photographers are tempted to take pictures of the scenery there because of the beauty of the lake. The view of Lake Moraine can even be said to be the most photographed object in Canada. Portrait of this lake often appears and widely used as a screen background.


Located in the Ten Peaks Valley at an altitude of 6,183 feet (1885 m), the lake has a surface area of up to 50 hectares. Around the lake, there are hills with glaciers and trees dominated by cypress trees. Not only known for its beauty, this lake also has unique waters.


The water in Lake Moraine sometimes looks light blue like a very clear swimming pool. The blue color is really visible, like seeing spills of paint that make up the lake. Sometimes the lake water changes color to turquoise. The unique color of the lake water is guaranteed to make visitors fascinated.


The bluish color of the glacial lake is obtained from the mineral composition in the water that is saturated from the surrounding mountains. There are three highest mountains in the Ten Peaks Valley. All three are among the rows of the Canadian Rockies. The highest mountain peak is 3540 m which are owned by The peak of a temple mountain.


The best time to enjoy the beauty of the lake is during the day when the sun is directly above the head. At that time the lake will look very bright and will be more crowded with visitors. If you want to get the best place to enjoy its beauty, then you must come early. If you arrive before 10 o’clock, you will be satisfied to see the water color change that reflects the top 10 mountains around it.


Most visitors are willing to spend long hours to enjoy the view of the lake and taking a picture of it because the beauty cannot be doubted. The snowy peak with crystal-clear waters surrounded by pine trees is a very promising unmatched beauty. No surprise that the portrait of the scene is widely used as a background image in various media.


Lake Moraine is also known as the “Landscape of 20 Dollars” because once printed on a Canadian 20 dollar bill. Although now has changed, but the nickname is still attached to this lake.


The view of the ice lake also appears as a background image in one of the main preview images of Android, as well as in advanced Blackberry Pearl and Palm Pre phones. Windows 7 included this in the background series “Canada” and “Winter”. Appears also in Bing’s main page view.


It shown on various media proves that many recognize the beauty of this lake. The amazing beauty is not to be tainted by the irresponsible human ignorant hands. The environment around the lake needs to be maintained and preserved so that the charm remains immutable. The tourists who come should always maintain cleanliness in this place so that the beauty and existence of Lake Moraine Canada will not be threatened with extinction.


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