The tree planting drone is the latest technology developed by BioCarbon Engineering (BCE). The start-up company based in the UK has created a drone that can plant 100,000 trees per day. This technology is created to overcome the problem of cutting a tree that is increasingly increasing and deforesting the forests on earth.


Keep in mind that about 15 billion trees are being cut annually for agricultural, mining and urban expansion. Tree planting activities undertaken to restore the condition amounted to only about 9 billion. This fact concludes that there is a difference of 6 billion trees that do not return every year and that number is not small.


Such massive deforestation could accelerate global warming and threaten the lives of millions of species. Although various ways have been done by governments, organizations, and even individuals, it has not been able to recover the number of missing trees.


In fact, trees are crucial in the absorption process of greenhouse gases that contribute to global warming. Without them, climate change will get worse faster.


For that reason, BCE then makes drones that can plant trees in very large quantities, quickly and at an affordable cost. In addition, this tool can also plant trees in places that are difficult to reach or even inappropriate. BCE referred to their strategy as “industrialized greening”.


The workings of this drone are essentially similar to precision farming strategies, but these tools take over the work of the tractor. First, the drone will review the topography around to create a 3D map. Then through the map, this tool will determine the unique and most efficient planting pattern using algorithm calculation developed BCE.


After that, the drone containing the seeds of the sprouts will fly with a height of six feet above the ground, going around throwing the seeds into the ground at a speed of 1 / second or about 100,000 per day. One drone operator can guide six drones. With this scale, 60 dispersed drones can plant 1 billion trees per year.


System technicians estimate that their method has a 10-fold higher speed and requires only 20% of manual hand-planting costs.


Because this method of planting does not use heavy equipment, then planting in areas without access to roads or tractors can be reached easily. The BCE team has tested this technology in various locations and recently tested for replanting in Dungong, Australia.


The designers of this tool system say that the planting techniques they use are more efficient and accurate than the regular planting methods. The first experiments of this tool were carried out in the UK and it was found that drone-grown species had better survival rates than those used by helicopters-the usual methods used. Some species even have identical survival rates approaching the results of manual hand-planting methods.


In addition to planting trees, this drone can also be used to plant grasslands, shrubs, flowers, and various types of mushrooms. This tool is created not just for the purposes of trees, but also to restore what should be the right environment.


If the drone can return the forest from the seeds it distributes, then restoring any environmental rights can be done with this tool. That’s the working principle of this tool.


The development of this tree-planting drone technology strongly inspires the reforestation method quickly. Elsewhere, a similar idea was also made by the Oregon start-up DroneSeed, who wanted to create a new era of “reforestation precision” using drones to plant trees, also sprayed fertilizers and herbicides.


Realizing the importance of trees in life on earth, various ways must be tried and done to prevent the loss of trees in greater numbers. By planting one tree a day can give a lot of good for the environment and human life.


Tree planting is not only able to fertilize the soil but also improve the quality of water, air, increase biodiversity, and the environment becomes more beautiful. Such a goal is to be achieved by the tree planting drone.


drone tree planter


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