It seems difficult to describe sustainable fashion as in detail and how to dress up that should be based on sustainable fashion. Some people will recommend using organic cotton and shopping at companies that conduct fair trade, while others will criticize how expensive sustainable clothing is.


Certain experts support the aspirations of international brands throughout their supply chain by trying to make seemingly small improvements, while others will protest and say there must be other more tangible solutions.


But the problem is: even experts don’t think there is a fixed way to do sustainability in the right way. And if the experts don’t have the right answer, what should all of us who care about fashion but also care about the planet do?

To go in the right direction, Linda Greer, a scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council launched the Clean by Design program that focuses on NRDC mode. The program began in 2009 to clean up water and air pollution in clothing factories in China. Greer has a master’s degree in environmental science and engineering and a Ph.D. in environmental toxicology.


However, for all of us who wants to apply sustainable fashion, don’t worry, we don’t need to have a Ph.D. to understand information on how to follow fashion but still care about the earth. The following explanation will make all of us realize that being a fashionable consumer sustainably requires far less work than you think.


Easy Ways to Participate in Sustainable Fashion

  1. Each of us has the power to say our voice

Greed said that consumers have the power to change the industry. According to the Pulse of the Fashion Industry report, fashion is responsible for producing 1,715 million tons of CO2 in 2015. People don’t think about it because they think drive cars, fly by airplane and heating machine at homes has more carbon footprint but there is carbon inherent in fashion, especially if you buy a lot of fashion products, your carbon footprint will also increase.


According to Greer, fashion is also the second largest water polluter in China. (For information, the chemical industry is the number one water polluter in China.) As a consumer, you don’t know the name or have contact information for chemical producers, but you have Instagram from many fashion brands in Asia – and you can use tag power to tell them that you care about this pollution problem.


Tips Towards Sustainable Fashion According to Greer

  1. No need to worry, you don’t need to know everything

“The first thing consumers ask is: How do I know what to buy? And that is the right question but without an answer, “explained Greer.


This is because there is no universal mode label system at the moment so there is no way to compare brands with each other, nor is there a comprehensive certification, and almost no transparency. The Sustainable Clothing Coalition is working on it, but until they finally release their labeling system, we can only guess.


The Pulse of the Fashion Industry report last year sought to break down all the different ingredients based on impact, but there were two striking omissions: toxicity and what happened to your clothes when you didn’t use them again. The report only says: “Every fiber has its advantages and disadvantages.” So a few tips in the first step towards sustainable fashion can be applied by all of us.


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