Half Century Jeans is a new breakthrough because it creates jeans that are timeless. Finding jeans that are perfect and right on your body and comfortable to wear can give you happiness. Moreover, nothing beats the beauty like the nuances of old jeans. But the fact is jeans cannot last long will make us sad.


The question is, are there really jeans that can last forever or at least last for fifty years? The campaign held by Kickstarter, the largest public funding platform in the world, announced long-lasting jeans have been found. The company, claiming their creation can last at least 50 years. Not only that, but they also provide guarantees for repairs to that claim. The durable jeans product is named Half Century Jeans.


Half Century Jeans with Prime Quality Materials

These denim pants were released at a price of around 69 Pound sterling. These pants are comfortable and offer a warranty, so the buyer does not need to worry about buying it. As a mixture, these jeans do not use cotton cloth as used in making other jeans. These pants are produced with special blend materials, including pieces of Japanese woven fabric, obtained from Okayama.


Okayama itself is home to dozens of Japanese weaving craftsmen and they are lined up along the road in Okayama. This culture has been going on since the 1970s so it is not surprising for Okayama residents to create denim jeans because of its part of the art, while denim weaving is a valued skill.


In addition, the jeans use fiber spectra, one of the strongest and lightest fibers and their strength is 15 times stronger than steel cables. According to the manufacturer, this material is commonly used even for extreme sports activities such as hiking. In addition, these pants are also torn resistant because is made through cross-threading methods. This stitching technique will make the stitches stronger.


These jeans are equipped with a strong belt loop feature. Seams between thighs are also tripled. The material used is resistant to chemicals so it is not easy to get dirty because it can withstand any substances that hit on it. In addition, Half Century Jeans also made with an environmentally friendly system.


Half Century Jeans Reduces the Negative Impact of the Fast Fashion Industry

These jeans contribute to fighting the pollution associated with the fashion industry and against the ever-changing fashion trends. As we know, the fashion industry is the second largest pollution contributor in the world. 25 percent of the world’s chemicals are used for textile production and 10 percent of the world’s carbon emissions are produced from the apparel industry. Using these long-lasting jeans, Half Century Jeans hopes to lead to a more responsible future improvement in the world of fashion. If you want to have these jeans, you can get them with a pre-order system through the Kickstarter page. Maybe it’s time for us to switch our jeans to half century jeans that are more environmentally friendly and can last up to half a century. What do you think?


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