Veja sneaker is a shoe company from France and has been established since 2005 with a vision to combine fair trade, ecology, economic and mutual relations, and the surrounding environment.


The word Veja is a literal translation of the Portuguese-Brazilian word to “see” and urges people to see the aesthetic past of the shoes for what they make. Back in 2005, the word “organic” in French, was not part of fashion. “Buyers consider us funny,” he recalls when trying to explain to clients that people who make these shoes are not exploited and they pay attention to their welfare. “They like the design, so they tried our shoes. ”


These shoes are very unique because the material is from organic or recycled cotton for the canvas shoes and soles made from wild rubber from the Amazon forest. The Amazon forest is the only place on earth where rubber trees grow in the wild. The company then buys rubber from the Amazon forest at a premium prce so it allows rubber tappers to have a good living from rubber tapping.

In addition, it aims to reduce the attraction for them to open new land from the rubber forest. This is an economically sustainable way to combat deforestation that is happening everywhere. Recycled plastic bottles are also used to make fabrics.


Veja Sneaker and the Two Founders

François Morillion and Sébastien Kopp have been friends since they were 14 years old and decided to create shoes that not only care about the environment as well as the people in the supply chain. Without knowledge at all in the world of sneakers, they are determined to make visits around the world to see first hand for the production lines of sneakers that they will build at that time.


In their factory in southern Brazil, it took three months to make the first prototype. By only having 5,000 pairs in the first batch, Kopp and Morillion have no choice but to be selective in choosing a stockist. You will never see a pair of Veja in Foot Locker because the company believes that Veja needs time to explain to the buyer what they sell.


Kopp explained that they refused to increase the company’s output when retailers like Barney promised to double their orders. “Many boutiques tell us to go to India or produce in China, but the answer is no.”


Veja V 10 Sneaker and Meghan Effect

The Duchess of Sussex wore a pair of Veja V10 shoes on October 21st, and suddenly an online search for the brand skyrocketed to 113 percent. “I’m sorry, but I don’t know who she is,” Kopp said when his team member sends a message through  WhatsApp and gave him the news in anticipation of “Meghan Effect”. Just as when Emma Watson, Emily Ratajkowski and a series of other influencers had caused an increase in interest in these shoes, Kopp remained uninterested. “Sometimes I’m sad because when a princess wears Veja and everyone is interested in these shoes, that’s how our society is.”


Veja now has two new vegan models, Campo, and Rio Branco. The first is made of alternative leather made of cotton, corn and PU waste, and the last one is made of Hexa mesh, a mixture of cotton and recycled plastic bottles. Besides being comfortable and lightweight, Veja sneaker also deserves appreciation for their effort to protect the environment.


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