What is a sustainable travel? Many negative impacts on the earth cause many people to start making alternative tours that are more responsible. Various forms of alternative ecotourism such as nature-based tours, ecotourism, historical tourism and cultural tourism. Sustainable tourism has become very popular and in the end hopefully what becomes ‘alternative’ will be the ‘main’ thing.


There are a number of tips from travel experts although it looks a simple way but can compensate for the environmental impact without really remodeling your trip.


How to Do a Sustainable Travel

  1. Choose a destination that values ​​sustainability

According to the 2018 Environmental Performance Index, European countries such as Switzerland, France, and Denmark take the top position as the most sustainable country in the world.


Although economic growth and tourism are rapidly increasing, Albania moved from 61st in 2016 to 40 in 2018 when prioritizing the protection of wild areas such as the first and only national marine park. The park is the Karaburun-Sazan Marine Park, which is supported by the United Development Program Nations and Global Environmental Facilities.


Namibia is the first African country to include environmental protection in its constitution, and with the help of the World Wildlife Fund, communities are empowered to conserve, manage and benefit from wildlife on their land.


According to vice president of WWF’s by choosing to travel to a conservation-oriented destination is quite important because it can support the livelihoods of those who participate in the industry.


Two other tips on How to Do a Sustainable Travel

  1. Transportation

Air quality is a major environmental threat to public health as stated in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index. Now is the time to reconsider how we choose the type of airline.


Traveling by plane is often the only viable way to reach some of the world’s major destinations, but one of the easiest ways for tourists to keep up with their carbon footprint is by choosing an environmentally friendly airline.


Look for operators that use sustainable flight biofuels – such as America, Qantas, and KLM – and fly directly if possible. Better yet, the International Transportation Forum reports that traveling by train produces up to 10 times fewer carbon emissions than airplanes.

If you want to book a cruise, consider economically efficient small boats instead. One example: a chart with 10 passengers on Alaska Dream Cruises worked to protect Alaska’s wilderness while Aqua Expeditions funded paramedical care for the communities they visited and worked to protect endangered environments on the Peruvian Amazon and Mekong River.


  1. Book accommodation that is eco-friendly

A sustainable hotel does not mean the property saves on luxury goods. Before you book your next trip, consider how your stay will affect the local ecosystem. Angama Mara at the Maasai Mara of Kenya made a minimal impact by complying with the zero-plastic policy.


In South Luangwa in Zambia, they use renewable energy from solar panels and are built using a natural material such as recycled composites and grass. All these are some tips for a sustainable travel that you can do to protect the earth.


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