Rawan Maki became the first sustainable Arabian apparel label in the world. This label is named after its founder, Rawan Maki. Prior to pursuing a career as a designer, Rawan is a technical graduate. Her concern for the environment has opened a new chapter in her life.


Fashion and textiles are the second most polluting industry in the world after oil and gas. The traces of pollution have been abandoned since the use of pesticides while growing cotton, a crucial ingredient in clothing, to the disposal of garments to the last garbage dump.


The impact of fashion on this planet is huge and as one of the greatest players in the global economy, the industry has a responsibility in maintaining the environment. To that point, fashion designer Rawan Maki introduced the eponymous label. The resulting product is made entirely from recyclable, organic, and low-impact materials sourced from all over the world, from fabric to buttons.


Not long ago the 26-year-old designer is exhibiting her debut collection in New York. A positive response from the audience was received and was a surprise because she did not expect beforehand would get such a good response. Many people are interested in the design and want to buy it, unfortunately, she only brought a few pieces of clothing.


Although the collection was produced in London, the designer’s engineer make sure that the designs made in such limited quantities were for Middle Eastern consumers.


This Yale graduate engineer has had environmental awareness since childhood and now that awareness is growing. When she started her label, questions from family members were inevitable about who would care about the story behind her label product.


London probably already has a lot of sustainable fashion designers. However, according to her, the area has not been recycled properly and no one has taken the initiative to do so. Fortunately, some environmental and corporate awareness consultants have now emerged. It’s risky so it takes determination and courage to get started.


Rawan Maki sustainable Product

The current collection includes high-waisted linen trousers and knee-length dresses made from reusable materials. The clothing stands out from its 11 piece collection is an abaya made from recycled plastic bottles. Abaya’s collection is also made of environmentally friendly silk, harvested from silkworms that have died naturally, rather than killing them to get their threads.


Accessories such as headbands and bracelets that complement the appearance are made from scrap materials. Someone may never know that the design is made from recycled material just by looking at it. Even so, if the customer does not care about sustainable Clothes, she will not be disturbed. For them, they are all beautiful and the environmentally friendly aspect is a bonus.


About Rawan Maki green mission

Rawan Maki is an environmental engineer who turns the profession into a fashion designer. He is from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia. The fashion designer believes that beauty can only be achieved along with sustainability and justice. This theme is raised in the aesthetic value of the label, where the design is inspired by the interaction between nature and humans.


Rawan Maki made its debut in 2017. The collection she made at the time was an ode to the land and the sea that emerged after the reclamation of the land. It also implies the dialogue we have with the decline of the shoreline, the shrinking of forests, the signs of recycling, and all the invisible hands and energies involved in creating the final product.


Rawan Maki combines the background of environmental engineering and design it to create each product as a “system”, both aesthetically and by its design elements. She always creates designs that minimize waste and use fabrics with recycled and organic components.


The materials used always consider the impact on the environment. The fabrics used are certified GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) which is grown organically. The coloring is done using low-impact dyes and the energy consumed during the production process is consumed in low quantities.


Some materials even come from recycled elements, such as recycled polyester. Waste reduction is a priority during the production process, carried out using all fabric components from a particular source. This makes each production has a unique sustainability story.


Fashion sustainability is now more and more demanded by many people. To participate in preserving the environment as a fashion consumer, it is advisable to care for clothing by hand washing and natural drying. Thus life of the clothes is long lasting and can save the environment just like Rawan Maki mission.


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