Joshua Browning Carter Jackson or known as Joshua Jackson was born on June 11, 1978, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He is a Hollywood actor known as Pacey Witter on the television series Dawson’s Creek. Besides that, he also played Charlie Conway in the film series The Mighty Ducks, Peter Bishop at Fringe, and Cole Lockhart in the film The Affair. In addition, Jackson also won the Genie Award for the Best Performances of Main Actors in independent Canadian film, One Week.


Jackson parents named John Carter and Fiona Jackson. His mother is a casting director. Jackson grew up in California until he was 8 years old and then moved to Vancouver with his mother and sister. He studied at the Ideal Mini School and then switched to Kitsilano Middle School.


Joshua Jackson and Oceana

Recently in October, he attended the 2018 Our Ocean Conference (OOC) held at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. He attended as ocean activist and wants to tell about his concern for the ocean through a global marine conservation organization, Oceana.


Oceana was founded in 2001 in collaboration with several leading foundations, the Oak Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trust, Marisla Foundation (formerly the Homeland Foundation), and Rockefeller Brothers Fund.


This institution was founded after a previous study and found that only less than 0.5 percent of all sources of donation funds issued by environmental non-profit groups in the United States goes to ocean protection. It means no organization works exclusively to protect and restore the oceans on a global scale. To fill this gap, Oceana is present and becomes an international organization that only focuses on global ocean conservation.


Joshua Jackson and the OCC Conference in Bali

Joshua said he was very enthusiastic to attend the 2018 OOC conference because according to him this conference was an excellent forum to gather all stakeholders to unite in an effort to safeguard the sea not only in their respective countries but in the world.


Joshua revealed that everyone has their own habits in using plastic packaging and he said we need to find another solution that is more appropriate as an alternative to plastic so that people can use that alternative.


In OOC 2018, Joshua encourages companies that produce plastic packaging to be more responsible for the packaging they make. Joshua also expressed his admiration for the natural beauty that existed in Indonesia and felt that Indonesia should have preserved its beautiful nature.


Joshua also said he loved the ocean because he grew up by the ocean and enjoyed scuba diving. One other proof of his love for the environment, especially towards the ocean, was his participation in the documentary Years of Living Dangerously.


We should be proud because there are more people care about the ocean and increasingly aware that it needs participation from all individuals. We hope that we can take care of each other’s actions, especially regarding the habit of disposing of plastic trash so it does not adversely affect the ocean. The role of Joshua Jackson protecting the ocean needs to be followed by all of us.


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