Why do women love Balinese cow bone necklace? All women love beauty and of course beauty is synonymous not only from within but also from outside, namely the overall appearance. Women in general always want to look beautiful and charming by completing their appearance with accessories to support their style.


Some of the most commonly used accessories are accessories in the area of the neck because it is the first most visible part. In this case there are 2 types of necklaces, namely plain necklaces or necklaces without pendants and necklaces with pendants.


Every woman must have a collection of necklaces in her house, whether it’s a plain necklace or a necklace that has a pendant or even has both. Every woman has several reasons why they prefer to use a necklace with a pendant. The pendant is in the form of a letter pendant, initial pendant, and some even use a cross necklace and cross pendant for Christians.


Reasons Why Women Love Balinese Cow Bone Necklace

  1. Simple-looking looks more perfect with necklace

If you are happy with a simple style, you do not need to try to be someone else and have an excessive style.  To give a more comfortable impression without leaving your simple characteristics, you can use a necklace that matches the message you want to convey. For example, you are already wearing jeans and T-shirts, and then simply wearing a necklace with a simple model will make the casual concept more feminine in your appearance.


This impression can also occur if you are happy with a tomboyish appearance. Necklaces with various motifs and models can change the impression you want to show. And of course you have to choose a concept that suits the event you are attending.


  1. Give a concept to the clothes you wear

For women, perfect appearance will make others feel impressed and make a big influence in the surrounding environment and make a better mood. To achieve this desire, you as women do not need to use luxury items such as gold diamond necklaces for your everyday appearance.


You only need to choose the type of necklace that best fits the appearance that you want to display or adjust to your soul and style. In choosing clothes you should choose clothes that are suitable and support your taste and do not forget to adjust to the right color. Many women have proven this concept so they are very adjusting the color and design that they want to convey.


Other Reasons Why Women Love Balinese Cow Bone Necklace

  1. Make an official appearance look stylish

If you are accustomed to using formal attire when leaving for work or formal events then if you don’t add necklace accessories, the impression you display will be less friendly. Many people see that office women look always serious. Therefore adding a necklace will perfects your appearance to make it look friendlier.


The right necklace can make your office clothes look friendly without reducing the official impression. In addition, this impression is also very good for your work environment, including business associates and your subordinates who will feel less rigid in front of you.


  1. Demonstrate your culture

At present many types of necklaces are indeed made with several ethnic objects such as Balinese cow bone necklaces. This type of necklace can represent culture. But not only always related to culture, because it can also be with all your favorite impressions. Necklace pendants are not only beautiful but can also make people understand your true personality.


So are you still hesitant to wear a necklace? Various reasons above can make you more confident when wearing a necklace, especially the Balinese cow bone necklace.


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