Chirping bird has many types and has the disadvantages and advantages of each of them. Indonesia has a wealth of flora and fauna including many species of fauna, especially the birds that spread throughout Indonesia. Some chirping birds have big fans like Poksay Murai Batu, Cucok Ijo, Jalak and many other chirping birds.


Usually, the chirping birds have their fans. In addition to being a pet, chirping birds also often participate in the contest or race, so if the birds won the race then the bird’s value will be very high.


In Indonesia, raising birds has become a natural thing especially people who always appreciate the beauty of birds, both from the sound and colorful fur.


In Indonesia, keeping birds is an amazing phenomenon because surveys show that birds are the most popular pets in Indonesia. One in three households in Indonesia, particularly in Java and Bali, certainly keeps the bird in a cage.


The cost of raising birds is quite high. The average cost incurred by the keepers of birds chirping in a year can reach 2 million rupiahs or more. Such expenditures typically include purchasing birds, bird food, the cost of joining the race and other needs.


Moreover, most of the birds are kept from the wild, this is one dilemma of our conservation world. This shows the need for a solution to keep the birds in the wild while keeping the sustainability economic in the community.


The ban on raising birds in Indonesia is very ineffective, there needs to be a solution to bridge the hobby with bird conservation. One solution is to promote bird breeding and accompanied by pro-captive maintenance and sustainable harvesting.


Although not yet fully implemented but these ways can guarantee the preservation of birds in the wild. Several ways of pro-captive maintenance, such as parent selection, duplication, breeding cages and bird feed properly.


In the selection of parent is usually selected by male chirping birds with sturdy breasts, because these birds usually have a good mental and stamina, and also a beautiful voice. For bird vocal problems, note the shape of the beak should be rather thick and tapered, the nostrils are not too wide and the length of the femur also needs to be a consideration.


While in the selection of female chirping birds should pay attention to the form of a slender and long beak, hairy thick, and long wing fur.


Then the male and female chirping birds are made a match or introduction in a large cage for 7 or 10 days, sometimes even up to 2 months. In this case, really need extra attention because sometimes the female chirping birds die of being attacked by males.


Captive cages also need to be considered, the size is not a benchmark, as long as not narrow and also not too big. For the length and width of the cage, size is usually 90-180 cm, while the height is 180 cm.


Usually inside the main cage is placed water in a small container and also a nesting material made of dried grass, coconut fibers and spruce leaf. Usually, the nest material is spread in the cage.


In the case of food, chirping birds should be given adequate protein content, given crickets and fish pellets as an alternative. Not only that it is necessary for the provision of vitamins and probiotics twice a week.


In addition to preserving birds by means of pro-breeding, bird conservation has also begun to be done by the government. The government has also undertaken a moratorium on land clearing at some point in Indonesia, this is not only beneficial for bird animals but also for humans.


In bird conservation do not only rely on government officials, but the movement needs of the community itself to preserve the forest by not destructive in order to create a good environment, in line with the conservation activities. Birds chirping is one of the popular pets in Indonesia but it is necessary to know how to appreciate the beauty of birds that can also be done by liberating it into the wild.


Chirping Bird Chirping Bird Chirping Bird Chirping Bird

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