It’s time to think of the cleanest air in England.  Forget about the private pool and beach, what you want now is a place with zero pollution on your vacation. Therefore this is a list of the five cleanest places in the UK for your vacation.


As we know that with a little fresh air will help the health and freshness of the body, but with pollution at critical levels throughout the country, will be increasingly difficult to find a place with clean air to breathe.


Research conducted by the World Health Organization or WHO last year revealed that 44 of 51 cities and towns in the UK are the center of pollution, with air in those places considered too dangerous to breathe.


That is why holiday lovers must know more where they have to choose a holiday location in the UK, that still has air or with the cleanest air in England if its possible.


If you are currently planning to do or plan for your next trip, give your body enough rest in a clean air environment by visiting the cleanest air vacation spots in England.


List of the Cleanest Places in England

1.Bude, Cornwall

A small beachside resort but the view and air are perfect. Bude is a place you can visit for romance, family vacations, and all other activities.


This place is famous for its beautiful beaches and coastlines that are really amazing. In Bude, there are many places that have some hidden beauty including lost gardens, palaces, like, and many other choices. It will be a long list to discuss and explore this beautiful place.

cleanest air in england



  1. Windermere, Cumbria

This place is located in the heart of the Lake District and is surrounded by beautiful scenery. Don’t forget to bring your boots if you want to walk and explore this beautiful places.


There are several roads that are quite uphill, especially those going to the hills but climbing on steep roads is worth it because you can feel the fresh air. This place is located just a mile away from the largest water center in England and commonly called Windermere, where you can rent a boat and try some of the water-processing challenges that are there.

cleanest air in england



  1. Tenby, Wales

This beautiful little harbor city has miles of sandy coastline that is perfect for you to take a walk while enjoying the morning sun or sunset.


The resort is very beautiful and very instagramable when you step foot into this place, fresh air will welcome you. Besides that when you come, you will feel like that is welcomed with colorful houses, pubs, and hotels.

cleanest air in england



Additional list of the Cleanest Air in England

  1. Whitby, Yorkshire

When good local visitors are able to visit tourists places in this traditional seaside resort of Whitby, don’t forget to taste the famous fish and chips.


Also, if you are a lover and like being challenged by something that might be creepy, but not for you, try visiting the famous haunt Abbey which is perched on the cliff and inspired Brak Stoker to create the Dracula movie.


Do you dare to accept the challenge? If not, it’s okay, just to walk to enjoy the beauty of the atmosphere and the beautiful scenery accompanied by fresh air really can’t be expressed in words.

cleanest air in england



  1. Bideford, Devon

Bideford from a distance gave a pastel-colored feel. The historic port city in South-West England is a great place for all families, plus good quality air. In addition to enjoying the fresh air, you can also take the biggest rollercoaster in Devon if you are brave enough. Let’s plan our next vacation in the cleanest air in England

cleanest air in england



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