Shopping not only just buying a fashion item, but there is also a story behind that therefore you need to know shopping tips based on the value you have. A good dress is about self-expression, showing creativity, status, and beauty – but there is a downside to the fashion industry. The side that we prefer not to know because it is a sad a fact.


Did you know :

One in six people works in the fashion industry

Wages of workers at garment factories can be as low as the US $ 1- $ 3 per day

It will only be charged an additional 1% of the retail price for living wages that must be paid to workers

Garment workers in developed countries can also be exploited, not only in developing countries

80% of garment workers are women

Fashion brands that quickly release new clothes every week and/or monthly with their latest designs make you feel like you have an outdated wardrobe

80 billion pieces of clothing are consumed annually

It takes 7,000 liters of water to produce jeans

10.5 million tons of clothing are sent to landfills every year in the United States

One billion rabbits are killed every year just to take their fur.


The choices you make can have an impact on the environment so in dealing with all these problems when shopping is expected to match your values.


Shopping Tips Based on Your Value

Here are four main value-based choices that you can make as consumers in terms of how you buy clothes, shoes, and accessories.


  1. Environmentally friendly:

If you value the environment choose a sustainable brand.


  1. Ethical

If you believe that all garment workers must be treated in a dignified manner, compensated fairly, and are in safe working conditions, buy goods that have been produced ethically. This category can also include locally made and handmade clothing.


  1. Vegan, cruelty-free, and approved by PETA

If you care about animal welfare and prefer to be naked than wearing animal skins, invest in cruelty-free vegan products approved by PETA.


  1. Charity Agency

If there are causes that are close to your heart, look for brands that support and donate a portion of their proceeds to the social institutions that you also support.


Shopping Tips Based on Your Value

Once you know about the problems that occur in the fashion industry then how do you shop according to your values

  1. Determine what your value

The first step might sound simple is to decide what matters most to you. Wherever you are, start from there. This is to give you freedom and space to grow in your consciousness without silencing your conscience.


  1. Do research

Start with the brand that you have been shopping for and love. Find out what the practices of their place of production, charity efforts, sustainability standards, and their commitment to corporate social responsibility. If this information is not available on their website, contact them via email or on social media.


  1. Open your insight

The sustainable fashion industry is growing so if your favorite brand is not a sustainable brand, you can start looking for brands that care about the environment and the social impact.


  1. Change your mind

Keep in mind, shopping ethically may not be within your current budget because of the higher price. What you have to do is prioritizing investment in quality that will last a long time and prevent you from buying new works every season.


Second, use the self-control understanding that buying new clothes every week for unsustainable items will destroy the planet. The thought of spending your hard-earned money on pieces that won’t last long will ultimately not suit you. These are shopping tips based on values that hopefully can be useful and applied in daily life.


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