Vivienne Westwood is a British fashion designer and entrepreneur. Vivienne real name is Dame Vivienne Isabel Swire, who was born on April 8, 1941, in the village of Tintwistle, Derbyshire, England. Vivienne is the one who spread the modern punk and new wave modes into the world fashion scene.


Successful as a fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood does campaign by using the slogan of saving the earth from disaster. As one of the designers who care about the environment, she wants to do something more useful to help preserve the environment.


The most respected British designer, she has just experienced success in expanding into China and the United States. However, the current big business plan needs to be pending because Vivienne is actively focusing on helping the environment.


Some Movements That Vivienne Westwood Has Been Done In Concern For The Environment


  1. Make Eco-Friendly Clothes

Vivienne Westwood is involved in a collaborative project with Stella McCartney to create eco-friendly fashion products. Clothing uses only organic cotton and other organic natural materials, as well as recycled fabric materials.


  1. Make Eco-Friendly Ethical Handbags

Vivienne Westwood took out her latest bag collection. This bag is made from recycled materials and environmentally friendly materials, such as recycled canvas fabrics, roadside banners, and damaged leather.


  1. Make Eco-Friendly Plastic Shoes

A colorful plastic shoe that had become the center of attention among fashion lovers some time ago was still a hot trend this year.

Brazilian shoe manufacturer, Melissa, invites Vivienne Westwood, issued a plastic shoe design. But the plastic used to make these plastic shoes is an environmentally friendly product. Melissa and Vivienne use pliable, non-toxic, non-allergic, environmentally friendly, and 99% recyclable material.


  1. Limit Yourself to Buying Clothing

Environmental cares can be manifested in various forms of activity, one of them by limiting yourself to buying clothes. Vivienne said “Instead of buying 6 pieces of clothing, it’s better to buy 1 piece but we really like it. And never invest in fashion, but invest in the world and the environment “.


5.Make a Fashion Switching Theme Program

It is time for fashion and environmental conservation to be one unity. Vivienne Westwood promotes and made the Fashion Switch program. Fashion Switch is a program that encourages fashion brands to commit to exchange resources that have been used to be environmentally friendly resources.


  1. Not Extending Her Business

Vivienne Westwood decided not to expand his business again because Vivienne had to pay attention to quality, not quantity. According to “Choose good, make the last”.


7.Choosing Life as a Vegetarian

Vivienne Westwood is also a vegetarian, and she always campaigns to love each other’s fellow beings. Because of her love, Vivienne claimed not to eat animals, because according to her, too many animals died because of human activities.


8.Saving Water

Her love for the environment makes Vivienne Westwood do things to save the earth, one of them is rarely taking a bath. She only showers once a day and only uses a little water. Although seems dirty, she is doing it to dedicate her life to the environment around her to stay green and beautiful, and the earth is no shortage of clean water supply.


9.Promote Greenpeace Charity Activities “Save Arctic”

For the past few years Vivienne Westwood doing a campaign for environmental-related activities rather than expanding.

This love of the Environment is showing by participating in the promotion of Greenpeace’s “Save Arctic” charity. The campaign is also supported by a number of famous Hollywood artists such as George Clooney, vocalist Cold Play, Chris Martin, and Paloma Faith.


10.Doing campaign to Save England’s Forest

As an environmentalist, Vivienne Westwood is angry at the British government’s plan to sell some of Britain’s forests.


According to Vivienne, flora in the forest must get a decent life. Just save the tree and save the life just what Vivienne wants. Because according to Vivienne, the government just wants to keep their work without thinking about the environment.


The story of Vivienne Westwood has inspired many people, especially for the designers and fashion lovers, to use materials from nature that are environmentally and can be recycled.It is the greatest of all mistakes is to do nothing because you can only do little.


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