Tips on how to use woman accessories are used to avoid choosing the wrong attributes that can reduce the appearance. Regular appearance can be extraordinary with additional attributes such as jewelry, belts, scarves, or other accessories.


Tips on How to Use Woman Accessories  in Fashion

Accessories become an important part of the fashion industry. There seems to be something less than our appearance if we don’t include accessories while dressed. The existence of accessories can even make someone appearance stand out.


There seems to be no woman who does not like jewelry or accessories such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and others. These objects certainly can support a person’s appearance and the style. However, there are still many women who often make mistakes either in choosing or using accessories. Apparently, there are rules to play in the use of accessories. Here are some tips that can be used as guidance.


Tips on How to Use Woman Accessories  in a Correct way

  1. Do not use accessories excessively.

Don’t use accessories too much, but choose smartly. The common mistake many people make is to wear lots of accessories and stacked it all at once.


Choose only a few accessories that can accent the clothes that you wear or can confirm the impression that you want to display. For example, from a set of jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings), try using the earrings or necklaces, not both at once. Also, limit the number of rings that worn at the same time.


Make sure everything doesn’t collide with each other in attracting attention when using several different accessories. Give the impression that the accessories that used are deliberately chosen. In addition,  worn that by matching the material and color.


For example, large round gold earrings can be combined with a scarf with several colors that seem warm, equipped with a gold watch to give a luxurious impression to your appearance.


  1. Try combining a firm accessory with simple clothes. How to beautify neutral colored clothes is to add a little accessory that is firm. Neutral colors of clothing such as black, beige, dark green, or dark blue can be played with exciting colors and make the appearance look cooler.


No need to worry about the color matching because the features of neutral colors are easily combined with many other colors. Some examples of the application of these tips such as combine a thin red or pink belt with a black or dark blue dress, orange or bright yellow scarf combined with dark green or pale brown shoes, a white top can be refreshed with a colorful, firm necklace or big size of hanging earrings.


  1. Avoid using the same colored objects. We often are tempted to wear accessories that are in line with the color of the clothes worn. However, such a style will actually seem old-fashioned and childish. Appearance with accessories that are somewhat different but look perfect will actually suggest that you are a creative person and can add to the appeal of appearance.


Use a wheel color to help find attractive colors that give each other a beautiful accent. For example, a purple shirt can be paired with bright yellow or dark yellow accessories, do not use the same purple accessories. Different color combinations will make an attractive appearance because yellow and purple are located opposite each other in a color wheel.


Too many things with the same color will usually look bad, but it’s different if done intentionally, it can seem very exciting. For example wearing red pants, red tops, dark red glasses, and a red scarf can give a classy classic impression. This style will surely make people amazed.


  1. Use accessories that play the color of clothes. Choose accessories that can accentuate certain colors that previously looked less prominent when wearing colorful clothes. For example, a black floral dress can be combined with a thick ceramic bracelet made of green like green leaves on a dress. Certain color games can make the appearance blend together and look elegant.


Accessories can also be used to unite two objects that initially did not seem suitable. For example, choose accessories that are the same color as one of the colors on the two objects, such as wearing a pink and beige scarf, adjusting to the pink tops and beige pants. This makes the appearance unified and each part is not chosen from the origin.


  1. Use balanced sized objects. If you have used large earrings, it will be more balanced if the necklace is smaller so that the face does not sink because of too much jewelry. The size of each accessory is worth considering before being worn.


The point to remember is to use accessories to balance parts of your clothes. In addition, make one of the objects stars from the whole appearance. Choose one object that you want to highlight, then balance the size and accent of other accessories that will be used with it.


  1. Wear accessories that strengthen your characteristics. The use of accessories can provide an opportunity to highlight the best part of a person’s face and body. Choosing accessories intelligently will make one’s eyes more beautiful, neck more level, or calf slimmer.


  1. Firm makeup can be used as an accessory. Bright red lipstick or classic cat-eye style drew with eye pencil does not require too many additional accessories to complete the appearance.



The makeup itself has become your accessory, but make sure the color complements the color of the clothes worn and makes it look unified. Other objects that can also be used as accessories are nail polish, false eyelashes, tattoos, glasses and colored contact lenses, and wigs.


Try applying the tips on how to use woman accessories above when you dress so you don’t make the wrong choices that will make your appearance less comfortable.


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