Sami Carter-Oberstone or better known as Sami Miro was born on October 1, 1987, in San Francisco, California, United States. She is a vintage designer and known as a former lover of Zac Efron. She made collections with the SMV brand that was sewn into recycled denim and has been worn not only by her ex-lovers but famous people like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Drake.


Miro has a mixed ethnicity because she has African American, French, Cuban and Russian heritage. Since she was a child, Sami does not really have a feminine touch, this is because she was raised by a single father who influenced her personal style. Besides being a designer she is also a stylish and a social media influencer who has always had a passion for fashion since high school.


Miro is from an academic and business-oriented family, earning a degree in marketing from Santa Clara University before continuing to the University of San Francisco to get a master’s degree in global entrepreneurship. After graduating, Miro got a job at a technology company where she worked in a marketing role for a technology startup. But after about four years, she let go to follow her passion in the creative field.


Sami Miro and her love for the fashion

She moved to Los Angeles in 2013 and impressed people with her vintage collection. Although Miro only had a little knowledge of the fashion industry she decided to gain his fortune by plunging fully into the fashion world to bring out her creative side.


Sami Miró developed into a phenomenon of designers and celebrities by creating personas in front of the camera and behind the camera through vintage appearances for famous campaigns. After using Efron as the first celebrity “client”, Miró began dressing other celebrities and herself in her vintage collection and still using paparazzi photos to make social media posts.


Her relationship with Efron is always in the spotlight giving Miro the perfect segment to make a name for itself in the fashion world. Efron not only wore SMV at the awards show, but Miro also wore another design, the Valentina bodysuit – which was also used for singer Selena Gomez for the Revival tour and was successfully sold out in her online store.


Marketing techniques from Sami Miro

Miro also invited Selena Gomez as one of her brand ambassadors and this made her brand SMV more famous. Having the most followers on Instagram with 146 million users, Gomez reaches a large audience on social media platforms when she posts about her vintage couture tour.


Aside from Efron, the way Miro uses the media obsession with Jenner and what she wears opens the way for her work to become more visible. She used creative skills “behind the camera” and business education to gain control over the media’s impression of herself as a persona “in front of the camera”. She also uses the story on social media to highlight her personal life which enables her followers to have a better insight into Miro as individuals who care about the environment.


Another strategy is to collaborate with Forever21 and its first collection consists of the only truly vintage items sold out in a few hours. Miro does not use the strategy of selling high-priced of vintage clothes, but she shows that she can serve the Forever21 market. Sami Miro design using deadstock from jeans shows her high concern for the environment.


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