The eco packaging from Chanel has been done in collaboration with Sulapac. Chanel invested funds in Sulapac, a starter up company from Finland that makes sustainable packaging products based on materials that can be decomposed microplastic because they are made of wood chips and FSC certified natural binders. The purpose of this company is that the sustainable development target towards carbon-free can be achieved faster.


In the hands of Haimi and Kyllonen, all packaging does not end up in a landfill, but will be gone by nature and certainly will not damage the environment. Haimi and Kyllonen are biochemists with their specialization in biomaterials. Sulapac is indeed produced to replace traditional materials based on fossil fuels, or petroleum because this material certainly does not pollute the environment.


The uniqueness of Sulapac material has become an Eco Packaging from Chanel

Sulapac material is very unique because it resembles plastic, is resistant to water, is resistant to oil, and does not damage oxygen. This material is also versatile so that it can be made with unlimited designs. Some packaging samples in any industry ranging from cosmetics, food, gift boxes, and various other forms can be made with this material. One advantage that it can decompose easily in the ocean. It is even more interesting because the production costs are cheaper than plastic and this material can be mass produced like plastic packaging. Another advantage is being able to decompose in the ocean.


According to Sulapac, Chanel is the first investor in the cosmetics industry. The material they use can be mass produced with the same equipment as plastic.


“Chanel is clearly one of the pioneers in the luxury class segment because they want to invest in the latest material and technological innovations,” said Sulapac founder and CEO Suvi Haimi. “Our mission and big steps are getting closer to saving this world from plastic waste.”


An Eco Packaging from Chanel Encourages Concern for the Environment, including in Indonesia

Since the end of last year, a number of local governments in Indonesia, one of that is Bali, has begun to make regulations to ban the use of plastic bags. We can imagine if there are more than 300 million tons of plastic produced each year, then it is possible that by 2050, there will be more plastic waste than the number of fish in the ocean. Of course, this will be very dangerous and give a bad impact, especially for the surrounding environment.


In implementing eco-friendly lifestyles, people not only pay attention to shopping and plastic bag diets but can be started by the selection of eco cosmetics packaging such as cosmetic packaging owned by Chanel. Besides being more environmentally friendly, choosing the right beauty products can also make us live healthier lives. Indonesia needs to use Sulapac material especially because Indonesia is the second largest producer of plastic waste in the world today.


It is highly recommended that we use products such as sulapac because these materials will not be dangerous even in the ocean because micro-organisms can destroy and convert them to carbon dioxide, water, and also biomass. It can be concluded that Sulapac that has been used as an eco-packaging from Chanel is very important and needs to be applied in Indonesia.


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