Emma Barnes the owner of Wild Fawn Jewelry is one of the pioneers of eco silver from England. She really wants to realize her mission so that eco silver becomes part of sustainable fashion. The design is increasingly appreciated not only because of concern for the environment but also because of the stylish model.


The sustainable fashion in question is about designing items that can be easily and completely recycled or biodegradable (minimizing other impacts). Another advantage is maximizing the use of excess stock, unused stock, and waste material or waste.


Unlike plastic, the quality drops every time it is recycled into something “new” and ultimately cannot be recycled with any technology. On the opposite sides, metals can generally be used repeatedly without losing quality.

If we want to combat unethical mining, pollution from processing extracted metals and gemstones, and unsustainable levels of new resource consumption we need to move to sustainable jewelry. Eco silver makes jewelry from metal that has been reclaimed is one way to keep looking stylish but still showing social exceptions.


Emma’s eco silver jewelry looks just as beautiful as conventional jewelry and you will be able to wear this jewelry proudly knowing the background of the making that allows you to feel stunning from inside out.


Emma Barnes and Wild Fawn Jewelry

In accordance with its initial mission, eco silver, the Wild Fawn Jewelry was made using recycled silver and gold and the process was free of chemicals. Wild Fawn is an eco-friendly brand with a focus on minimal designs that can be worn every day.


This recycled jewelry is handmade from England. Emma as the jewelry owner also the artist behind every design and everything is made in her studio in London. What makes her jewelry different from other brands is because the material used to make jewelry is made from recycled silver. She said that wherever possible she uses sterling silver which is environmentally friendly and not ordinary silver.


This means that silver is 100% recycled and does not cause negative impacts on the environment from mining. She feels like a woman, we all need to know as much as possible about what we wear and where it comes from. That is what drives the mission to increase awareness about eco silver. In addition, the jewelry she made is handmade so none of them are identical.


Silver itself is a piece of jewelry that can be said to be eco and ethical in the sense that it is never discarded because it can be recycled. Silver can be melted and reused repeatedly.


Emma Barnes and Her Dream List

In the long run, she will be happy if she can have more flexible time so that he could still travel while still working on the brand she is now piloting, Wild Fawn. It’s amazing to know that she can bring her equipment to various countries so she can work and travel at the same time.


Emma Barnes said that her short-term goal was to create a new collection and lookbook which she could then use to approach the stockiest or potential stores throughout Europe to develop her brands internationally. Best wishes to you, Emma.


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