Sami Miro Vintage is a brand owned by one of the famous model, Sami Miro. As we know the fashion world will always develop and be timeless because fashion circles always revolve in line with times. No wonder the past fashion trends will reappear in the following years. There is one fashion style that is always stand out and timeless that is vintage style but sometimes many think that vintage is the same as retro fashion.


Sami Miro Vintage and the Difference with Retro style

Although both carry ancient themes but vintage and retro are not the same if you pay attention in detail because there are some basic things that distinguish these two fashion models.

Vintage style:

-Vintage is a fashion that was adopted in the 20s to 60s

– Vintage style is more directed towards a dress that is more feminine and the use of softer colors.

– Vintage style is more floral, polka dots, stripes or plain style.

– Use of a round collar and large ribbon on the chest


Retro style:

-The retro style adapts the style in the 70s to 90s.

-The retro fashion style seems bolder in showing color and fashion and more adapting bright colors.

– Retro style is dominated by symmetrical motifs that are free and sparkly

– More dominant disco style, such as shorts, vests, leather jackets to tops made of beads or brightly patterned.


The reason Sami Miro made the Sami Miro Vintage fashion brand

Sami Miro who is a model and fashion designer from Los Angeles, the United States launched a clothing label called Sami Miro Vintage inspired by a vintage fashion style. This brand was first launched in 2016 by combining vintage and modern styles in every collection.


What makes this brand unique is its concern for the environment because they use deadstock materials, which are old, unsold or unused fabrics. This workmanship uses a cut and sewing method so that not much material is wasted. All clothing materials used come from Miro’s search results to several garment warehouses in the Los Angeles area or from her trips to other countries.


Miro took pieces of the old stock fabric to be reconstructed into a clothing design with a vintage style. Miro said that the use of these materials is a form of concern for the environment and wants to help protect the earth from the increasing amount of environmental pollution. “The use of these materials is an effort to reduce the ecological footprint by using what already exists. This is all enough to create great clothes, “Miro stressed this statement out.


Before working in the fashion world, she has long shown interest in the environment. This beautiful young designer often expresses her opinion regarding the environment that increasingly needs attention and is increasingly polluted which is one of the main triggers is the world of fashion.


Not infrequently she conducts environmental campaigns and provides information regarding efforts to keep the environment clean on her personal social media account whether on Instagram or Facebook. Not only that, but Miro also criticized the attitude of the United States president Donald Trump who denied the existence of the phenomenon of global climate change.


These fashion labels that have the motto of We Push Eco-Conscious Boundaries to want to bring environmental care movements to a higher level through the fashion world because fashion is one of the most effective ways to communicate with the community. “You can care for the environment while looking trendy,” she said. Miro launched its first collection called Ecoterror which was inspired by environmental activists in the 60s.


This label comes in a variety of styles ranging from sexy to masculine. Fans of the Sami Miro Vintage clothing collection range from top Hollywood models and famous artists such as Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Kylie, and Kendall Jenner, Kaia Gerber, Drake, The Weekend, and Hailey Baldwin.


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