Samantha McCoach and Le Kilt are names and brands that support each other. She is the granddaughter of the kilt maker and she was also born in Edinburgh, no wonder she grew up surrounded by the tartan-patterned skirt. However, not after completing a degree in fashion, she realized how cool the tartan was.


This fashion brand creates classic traditional pieces inspired by its founder, the Scottish heritage of Samantha McCoach. By using small-scale manufacturers from all over the UK, Le Kilt aims to act as a supporter of sustainability and introduce traditional expertise to a modern audience.


Founded in 2014, Le Kilt began as a single skirt style made by the grandmother of Samantha from Italy, a former kilt maker who has worked at Edinburgh Royal Mile for more than 40 years.


The importance of a family’s tradition is something that is integral to the brand and is something they continue to reproduce through their network of producers, suppliers, and collaborators. Creating opportunities allows others to grow and therefore they work together to protect the future of inheritance together.


After her first performance at London Fashion Week for the fall a few years ago, Le Kilt has attracted shop owners like the boutiques on Dover Street and also at the opening ceremony, and even attracted the attention of Harvey Nichols in London with their tartan skirt.


The Story of Samantha McCoach and Le Kilt

She grew up at Leith, Edinburgh, and studied fashion at the Edinburgh College of Art before finally deciding to move to London to begin her master’s degree at the Royal College of Art in 2008.


In the beginning, she was inspired to start a brand dedicated to Tartan skirts based on her hobbies. Her grandmother was a kilt maker in Edinburgh since she was a child and giving her tartan skirts using traditional techniques as a Christmas gift. Then she started to get an order from some friends and more requests from that. The price of tartan skirts ranges from £ 140 to £ 175.


In addition to tartan skirts, she also introduced small Scottish made cashmere for the fall including turtleneck jumpers in various colors and tam o’shanter or typical Scottish caps for men. She was obsessed with the subculture and wanted to raise that value so she also designed a variety of simple T-shirts and shirts featuring innovative images from painter Robert Gibson.


The design of Le Kilt attracts many women from different backgrounds and tastes because the skirt that is designed can be very feminine, classic, and chic.


Samantha McCoach and Le Kilt and The Green Mission

If you want to shop more sustainably – that is by buying less with high-quality ones and Le Kilt is one of the lists of your resolutions this year.


Their collection was launched with a beautiful design created in collaboration with art director Bruce Usher. Le Kilt is about a world full of tradition and heritage, but also contemporary style. How to see the handmade process and traditionally explains how clothes are made properly without damaging the environment.


Furthermore, McCoach hopes that fans of the Le Kilt brand can understand more about what they buy when a piece of Le Kilt is in their hands. Wool and buttons and the thread on their closet are all handmade and that is what makes Samantha McCoach and Le Kilt brands are loved by all their fans.


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