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Pamela had an unpleasant childhood because she was the victim of her nursing persecutor when she was six years old and in her teenage years, she was raped by her boyfriend and six of her boyfriend’s friend.


Her bitter experience made her very difficult to trust people around. Both Pamela’s parents have tried to make her feel safe but for her, this world is not a safe place.


According to Pamela, the animals are the one that makes up her spirit and rises her life and she vows that she will always protect animals on earth because animals have been helping her to treat trauma. Therefore Pamela always donate money for the benefit of charity for animals.


In her personal website, Pamela writes that she wants to be involved in environmental and humanitarian issues around the world. She also wants people to care more about animals, the environment, and others around the world.

Concern for the environment is also seen from her luxury home. This eco-friendly house features a private cinema, swimming pool, and sauna. This house uses solar panels as a source of energy and also the green trees around the house. The building materials also use wood. Even Pamela plans to establish an environmentally friendly hotel in Abu Dhabi, this plan was welcomed by the United Arab Emirates.


Incorporated as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) members, Pamela often campaigns her concern for animals that are hunted for seals.


Not only seals, she also campaigns on whales in Seaworld, San Diego. Pamela wants to limit the movement of whales in and out of this resort because there are many stressed even poor conditions whales after leaving Seaworld so that the extinction rate increases.


Pamela has also surprised the French parliament for campaigning against an excessive forced feeding for swans and ducks that will later be made foie gras (French food made from goose liver).


As a vegetarian, on every campaign, she also talking about healthy living by not eating meat and switching on vegetables and fruits.


On her birthday a few years ago, Pamela also had a party celebration with a vegetable menu. This party is made as a consistency of her concern for animals.


On another occasion, Pamela also had time to reward the wife of the  United States president, Melania Trump. This gift is a jacket made of feathers that claimed an environmentally friendly jacket.


This eco-friendly jacket is made of imitation fur and imitation leather, Pamela says to look luxurious does not have to use genuine fur or animal sacrifice.


Always actively voicing environmental care, Pamela hopes to give awareness to the community about the importance of maintaining and protecting the environment, especially animals. It does not need to start with a big thing, a small thing by not consuming meat, it also has enough positive impact on the environment, especially if done by many people. Pamela has given direction to the community to protect the environment and animals, now the community has to participate in running it.


pamela andersonpamela anderson pamela anderson pamela anderson pamela anderson

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