Hermes horn jewelry collection is the accessories that the rich and famous can’t get enough of. Even though diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, there is an entire host of other jewelry that the celebrities keep in their arsenal. You will begin to notice that this horn jewelry is the favorite of celebrities as it keeps popping up over and over again on the red carpet. All the A list clan is just crazy about this accessories.

Besides the horn material, in the bracelet department, stars are equally big fans of Hermes’ enamel bracelet. It comes in several colors, including silver, gold, black and the brand’s signature a famous orange color. Celebrities like Eva Longoria, Victoria Beckham, and former Spice Girl Mel Bhave all been seen sporting the bracelet. They either wear one on its own or several stacked in the same color or mix it all together. This exclusive bracelet typically retails for $700 to $900.

After 180 years in the business industry, Hermès has been at the center of the fashion’s biggest status symbols. It is from Kelly bag to Hermes horn jewelry.

Hermes horn jewelry red

Amazing facts from the maker of Hermes horn jewelry

-Hermès partnered with a nomadic African tribe to produce  their silver jewelry lines

Hermès partner with the Tuareg people, a tribe of semi nomadic people that live in Northern Africa from Libya, Algeria, Niger and the Saharan desert. They particularly famous for their indigo blue colored veils, worn by men that are believed to guard against the evil spirits. Besides that, they are famous for traditional hand crafted art. Takoba is what they are famous for is the form of silver jewelry, meter long swords, and decorative saddles. In the 1990s, the Tuareg people partnership with Hermès to produce their jewelry. Hermès help them by giving a fair price to the silversmiths. Not only that, the traditional motifs of Tuarges people are applying on the motif prints for their Hermes ties, scarves, and other collections.

hermes horn jewelry necklace

Another amazing fact from the maker of Hermes horn jewelry

Hermès using an elaborate stamped date code system for their jewelry

All Hermès leather goods including its handbags and jewelry are all stamped with series of letters and shapes. It is to identify when the item was made for example if the bag was stamped with an E of the circle means it is produced in 1976. If the R inside the square it means was made in 2014.

Hermès was the first brand that adopts the stamp code system that is known as blind stamp because it is embossed into the leather without any color. This stamp will sometimes appear uneven or quite faint because it was all hand stamped to show the exclusivity. Not only the date code, the are additional stamp that can trace back who’s the artisan or what shop that produced this specific exclusive leather goods.

This code is really helpful when you need to double check the authenticity of this piece. You can cross reference the date code and the product listing to ensure that the stamp and the description are aligned the correct item, especially if the items are pre owned or buying not at their boutique. Hermes leather collection is another collection from Hermes beside Hermes horn jewelry.



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