Matthew Raymond Dillon known as Matt Dillon, who was born on February 18, 1964, in New Rochelle, New York, United States, is an American actor and film director. He made his feature film debut at Over the Edge and established himself as a teen idol starring in many movies including among them My Bodyguard, Little Darlings, Tex, Rumble Fish, The Outsiders, and The Flamingo Kid.


One of the films that made his name even more famous when he starred  “there is something about Mary” with Cameron Diaz in 1998. He said he felt more comfortable with acting now than acting in previous movies. In one interview he said that he had no problem and had accepted it if he got lost. Getting lost is part of what makes the media work. Failure is important. The potential for failure is very important for him.


“You have to have the freedom to potentially not do it right, because you can do it again, and you will learn from it. It is only part of the process and when you are younger, you will only say” Oh, I have failed. ”


Dillon said that his main inspiration was to think of ways children look at this world. “When I went to visit my mother and she took out all the old pictures that my brother and I did,” he said. “We are so ambitious in the drawing, there is a very large sequence of battles, troops that come up on hills, castles, imprisoned people in trenches. You never have the courage to do that when you get older. What is great about children – they don’t really focus on what they can’t do, they just focus on what they want to do. It’s a beautiful thing. ”


Matt Dillon and the Charity He supports

  1. African Rainforest Conservancy

The African Rainforest Conservancy is a charity that conserves and restores African rainforests. Among these are the oldest and most biodiverse forests in the world through grassroots conservation and community development. This charity provides economic and educational opportunities and empowers local communities to preserve their natural heritage for future generations.


Founded in 1991, ARC works with its field partners, the Tanzania Forest Conservation Group to support a network of 146 villages in eight mountainous and coastal regions throughout Tanzania that protect 250,000 hectares of forest – an area 300 times wider than Central Park New York.


  1. MapAction

A charitable organization dedicated to making detailed maps during natural disasters that enable aid agencies to carry out their work in providing assistance where they can save lives and alleviate sufferers affected by natural disasters.


Matt Dillon and Charitable Activities

  1. Project Sunshine

Project Sunshine is a non-profit organization that provides free educational, recreational and social programs for children who face medical challenges and their families.


  1. Global Green USA and Yahoo! to announce the challenge of “Green Cities in America” ​​as part of a new program “Be a Better Planet” which urges Americans to take action on climate change.

Matt Dillon’s concern for the environment by playing an active role in protecting the earth provides inspiration for all of us to play an active role in caring for this earth as well.


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