Italian horn pendant or cornicello is common to see people wearing it, most are Italian. Italian horn pendant is a good luck symbol. To top up your looks, we suggest going with Italian looks. How to build Italian looks an elegant way?

1.Only wear flats to the pool or beach

Many Italian women consider flats is not sexy, unlike their French neighborhood. The only place is to the beach, complement it with a flower caftan.

2.Matching it with a flattering swimsuit to cover-up.

Italian woman uses caftans to covers up their bikini while on the beach.

3.Build outfits starting with your signature piece, can be stilettos or chandelier earrings and you can build an outfit around it. Use your instinct and wear what you like at that moment. You can start from a pair of shoes or a skirt or a pair of chunky earrings. It is just a natural process. You will know what is good for you and what is not good. That way you can have elegant without looking too eccentric.

4. Invest in quality basics items

You know that you’ll have for a lifetime, therefore, pick a good quality one with a classic design.All Italian women know to splurge on basics that will last their lifetime. If it’s handmade that will be a plus.

Italian horn pendant silver

Italian horn pendant and simple nightdress gown to matching

5. Sometimes the simplest things in your closet are the sexiest things.

Looking glamorous doesn’t always involve a lot of nightdress gown, sometimes a pair of perfect blue jeans and red lipstick is all you need.The must-have items in your closet is a little black dress, Levi’s 501s, a white T-shirt and white Converse.

6.Don’t overdo it

being the center of attention should look easy.Less is more so keeping with the less is more philosophy, remember that you aren’t going to look like a sexy glamazon if you are uncomfortable in what you are wearing at that time. Just wear what you think you have fun with and feel at ease in.

7. Each day is special so wear all your good stuff every day.

Have you ever wonder why some of the most stylish Italian women always look utterly flawless, no matter where they are going? It’s all because they don’t believe in saving the best pieces in their wardrobes for those special occasions.For them, special occasions are every day.

Why must you wait till the night time to wear a fabulous cocktail dress? Wear it in the daytime as well.

Italian horn pendant gold

Italian horn pendant and glamorous style

8. A little bit of glamour by wearing glitter, sequins, gemstones

Wear those pieces with a little something.All the woman should shine for every occasion, whether it’s with the help of a sequin skirt, glitter shoes, or opulent accessories, such as Italian horn pendant, statement necklaces with gemstones and chandelier earrings.

9.Have a signature glamour looks

Whether it is a black nightgown and red lipstick or an off-shoulder caftan and dangling earrings, have a signature glamour look on the go. Wearing a turban and Italian horn pendant is another way to feel instantly glamorous.

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