Tunnel of Love Ukraine is found in Ukraine, Eastern Europe. This tunnel is commonly used as a cross-carriage lane. Uniquely, unusual scenery decorates this train line. If the tunnel is usually made of concrete, the love tunnel in Ukraine is made of trees that refresh the eye.


Tunnel of Love is located between Klevan and Orzhiv village on the Kovel-Rivne line. This tunnel distance is about 7 km from Klevan. Along the train tracks lined with lush green trees, grow freely to form a curve like a tunnel.


The train line that runs through this tunnel begins at Klevan station to the north of Orchid. The line is provided by the station as the main line. The length of the entire train track is about 6.4 km, but the path covered in the grove of trees is only about 4.9 km. The actual length is still vague, the Russian version of Wikipedia says the length of the train line is 4 km, while the British Wikipedia says that its length is 3 km.


The railway line is divided into two nearby Orzhiv villages, one lane to a secret military base and the other to Klevan. Initially, this path is indeed built for military needs. Trees along the path were deliberately planted to cover the activities of transporting goods to a military base hidden in the middle of the forest. The train that ran on the line was used to transport military devices to hide the process and not be monitored by the enemy.


Gradually the planted trees were growing and forming the tunnel because it is often passed by three times a day traveling trains for many years. For the growth of the tree does not interfere with the train rate, the trees are then trimmed neatly. However, the pruning was not done by the military but by the parties involved in the plywood factory.


Apparently, the train line that runs in the tunnel of love is also used for the benefit of plywood factory run by the          Odek company. They used it to transport their plywood production to Klevan. The carriage trains are still operating, just not every day. The degree of frequency of trains passing through this pathway depends on how much plywood is transported.


The more the tunnel is increasingly known to the public and increasingly famous in social media until this tunnel has a function other than a freight line of goods. This place is very popular with young people and couples often use this location to take their prenuptial photos.


There is a myth that locals believe about this love tunnel. Many couples come to this place to make an appeal. The myth that is formed is that if they are really sincere about their love, the plea they make there will come true. That is why this tunnel is referred to as “Tunnel of Love” (Tunnel of Love).


The beauty of this tunnel not only captivate the citizens of Ukraine alone. Curious foreign tourists often visit this place to simply capture its beauty or take photos of themselves against the background of this place. This place is really amazing, when visiting there it feels like being in a fairy tale.


This love tunnel is a remarkable example of how beautiful nature is allowed to grow freely around man-made infrastructure. However, the beauty will not last long if not accompanied by the preservation of the place. Visitors may come to simply enjoy the beauty or take photos there, but should not damage the trees around the place. Do not forget also to keep Tunnel of Love Ukraine clean.


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