Conscious Exclusive Collection is a fashion edition released by Swedish fashion label H & M. This big fashion company continue to show their commitment to the sustainable fashion industry through innovation in their products.


H & M again highlights the consumer’s need for eco-friendly fashion by continuing to introduce sustainable materials in the Conscious Exclusive collection every year. The collection is specifically created to release products made from environmentally friendly. The year 2018 is the 7th time H & M launched the Conscious Exclusive edition.


The Material of Conscious Exclusive Collection 2018

In this year’s collection they use recycled or organic materials, such as Econyl, nylon waste, and 100% fiber made from fishing nets that support marine hygiene. As for the accessories, H & M uses materials made from wax waste and silver recycling. The seventh collection of Conscious Exclusive supports the art and craft movement in Sweden.


H & M hire the elegant supermodel, Christy Turlington as its star. This fashion label seeks to explore the use of recycled materials to create beautiful, unique outfits that honor works of art and crafts in Sweden.


Source of Inspiration Conscious Exclusive Collection 2018

This H & M  2018 collection was inspired by Swedish artists, Karin and Carl Larsson, the creative houses of the 19th and early 20th-century Classical designs for modern women. The artist couple has a house called Pondok Lilla Hyttnas which is famous for their artistry.


Carl is one of the most famous artists in Sweden. He is known for the intimacy and beauty of his family’s portrayal of life in the country, precisely at Sundborn, but others also judge it as saccharine-depending on one’s point of view. Carl and Karin met in the 1880s while learning to paint outside of Paris.


The couple was finally married and Karin decided to submit her canvas and painting tools to raise their family who is now eight years old. While taking care of the family, Karin channeled her creativity into interior design, weaving, embroidery, and the like. Her strength and creativity are the focus of the H & M design team.


Pondok Lilla hyaenas which are the home of the couple is inspired H & M with its beauty filled with various paintings and beautiful rugs. The beautiful paintings and tapestries are then interpreted into a collection of clothing, shoes, and accessories such as earrings that seem elegant and classic.

This collection is dominated by green, dark blue, black and white. In addition, the inspiration of the garden and romantic interest that is a favorite of Karin Larsson is also contained in this year’s Conscious Exclusive collection.


This eco-friendly H & M collection released once a year aims to create a sustainable model, but also to create fashion sustainability. The collection using recycled or organic materials shows how the latest technological innovations can be combined with traditional techniques with spectacular results.


Creating a masterpiece does not mean that you can set aside everything, including the impact it has on the environment. As industry players, they should also pay attention to the impact of their production activities on the surrounding environment. Has nature provided all the necessities we need? Repaying the kindness of nature can be done by preserving the sustainability and not hurt the earth. Producing eco-friendly products such as the Conscious Exclusive Collection is one good example.


Conscious Exclusive Collection Conscious Exclusive Collection Conscious Exclusive Collection

Conscious Exclusive Collection

Karin and Carl Larsson

Conscious Exclusive Collection

Karin and Carl Larsson

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