Rebecca Aliza Minkoff or better known as Rebecca Minkoff born December 11, 1980, in San Diego, California United States is the owner of a global fashion brand founded by herself and her brother Uri Minkoff in 2005 in New York City. She is known for her work on Project Runway namely Fashion Startup, The Mirror and So Cosmo.


The brand begins with a handbag known and she finally switched to other accessories and in 2009 launched a collection of ready-made clothing. Now this brand has four domestic retail stores, nine international locations, and is distributed in more than 900 stores worldwide.


Getting into the fashion industry is not easy, as, in many other industries, incumbents have the advantage of having long-standing relationships with buyers and media influencers. Minkoff decided to stop the tradition and build her fashion brand in her own way. Minkoff is the Cofounder and Creative Director of her company. As a millennial designer, she wants to talk directly with her customers and build relationships with them on a large scale.


The Unique Marketing Way of Rebecca Minkoff

She is uniquely active on social media and presents half of her posting about the lifestyle, half of her private life, and the content often revolves around empowering women. Even though consumers may not know Rebecca directly, they feel as if they are part of her superwoman.


The heart-to-heart approach encourages companies to generate more than $ 100Million  in sales, and more importantly, it is deeply embedded in the hearts, minds, and closets of its customers. Minkoff said that the overall brand and social content of the brand aims to inspire followers to lead a bolder life.


In addition to Instagram and Facebook accounts, she also has the RMSuperwomen group on Facebook and RMSuperwomen on Instagram. In these channels, Minkoff shares inspiring stories about female leaders and encourages women to take bold steps in their lives. She really wanted to create a smart and ambitious woman. Today, more than anything, the brand is about being part of that community.


Rebecca Minkoff and Social Media

Minkoff also uses social media to have deeper relationships with consumers by including photos of behind-the-scenes events and combining her personal life. She was able to optimize the message based on what is the customer’s needs based on the time of day and year. For example, in the new year, she encouraged her followers to set bold and fearless goals.


There has never been a sure way to break through as a new designer. However, following traditional roads will not produce breakthrough results. The breakthrough made by Rebecca Minkoff is not only refreshing but helps her to map her own paths and find unique ways to connect with consumers and that can become a new norm for brands that are just entering the world of fashion.


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