When bad issues about the environment become worst and we still don’t know what to do to participate in overcoming it, the Pugedon Recycling Box is one of the solutions. This large and tall box can help improve the lives of animals and accustom humans to living a healthy life by recycling their waste.


Pugedon is one of the companies in Turkey that makes vending machines for feeding and drinking animals that roam the streets, such as dogs and cats that no owners. This company put some of their machine boxes around Istanbul. Besides being able to feed animals, this machine can also be a place of recycling.


Pugedon Recycling Box is a Recycling Machine

Recycling is one of the important ways you can take care of your planet. Luckily this method is very easy, there is no need to work hard to do it. While we know the basics of recycling, the process will be very easy to practice in everyday life.


Now recycling is even easier. Even when outside the house we can do it through the Pugedon Recycling Box. This machine was originally introduced in Turkey, but now it has begun to spread in several countries. These recycled boxes can usually be found in public areas such as parks, malls, and shops.


The way to use it is very easy. We only need to put a plastic bottle into a hole that is on the machine and without charge a penny. As for bottles that still contain water, there is a water disposal site in the machine which will later be used as drinking water for animals that visit the machine.


The Purpose of Making a Pugedon Recycling Box

This machine aims to provide a brighter future for animals that roam the streets. Based on data from Deutsche Welle, Turkey has the wildest animals that roam around the city.


In the city of Istanbul alone there are 150,000 uninhabited cats and dogs. Some residents care enough to welcome them, but others protest that these animals are dangerous and a source of disease.


According to Deutsche Welle’s report, the protest had made the Turki government law draft that stating thousands of wild dogs would be transported to a “wildlife park”. The government plans to move these animals from an urban environment where they have adapted. According to the Associated Press, even wild dogs are alleged to have been targeted by poisoning campaigns.


The presence of Pugedon’s vending machine is certainly very helpful to save the lives of wild animals on the streets. They are no longer suspected as a source of disease because the food they eat is clean and guaranteed.


This recycling machine provides two benefits at the same time, namely giving healthy habits to humans to recycle and feed wild animals that have no owners. No need to worry about spending more money because the food and drinks provided by this machine are fruits that are exchanged with plastic bottles that are inserted into the machine.


Humans and animals are the same creatures that need to eat and drink to survive. Nature also needs to be treated so that it can still support the survival of humans and other living things. Feeding animals by recycling waste is a good thing that needs to be exemplified. One plastic bottle put into the Pugedon Recycling Box has given life to poor animals who roam the streets.


Pugedon Recycling Box Pugedon Recycling Box Pugedon Recycling Box Pugedon Recycling Box

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