Marble Swimwear uses recycled materials as the main material of the swimwear manufacturer. This label is Australian-born and British adoption. Committed to the environment, this label seeks to always give its consumers the best quality products and not harm the world.


When summer comes, it means the right time to go to the beach and wear a swimsuit. Not only everyday clothes that begin to consider the impact on the environment, swimwear also needs to consider. Presenting a collection of eco-friendly swimwear, Marble Swimwear dedicates its products “from the sea to the sea”.


In its website, this label defines itself as ‘international in heart, a planet in mind’. The motto also demonstrates their commitment to always ensure that every single element of their production is filled with awareness of the environment.


This label is relatively young, only about 1.5 years old. On May 8th they launched a campaign to finance its first collection entitled ‘Ocean to Ocean’ through Indiegogo (crowdfunding platform). They also work with influencers named Sarah Kohan, a blond woman who owns an Instagram travel account that many people follow.


The swimsuit they released is made of Econyl, a sustainable yarn made from industrial waste, textile waste, and especially fish nets from deep in the ocean. 78 percent of the material comes from waste taken directly from the sea around the world. Although made from waste, this label is able to produce first quality swimwears that do not damage the environment.


Sarah Kohan who became a model of this collection commented that she was relieved of this Marble product because eventually, people can have a product that really trusted. They can marry the spirit of protecting the planet and their obsession with swimsuits. Now, these swimwear and beachwear become a style and aesthetics.


Who is Marble Swimwear?

This luxury swimwear label was born in Sydney and grew up in London. They cling to the stance to reach the global market, but always put the earth’s safety first.


The goal is to ensure that the products are environmentally friendly, from materials used to the method of manufacture. The commitment is to make sure every decision made is done by putting the planet in mind.


This label believes that fashion can be luxurious, advanced, and at the same time environmentally friendly. Designs and pieces of this label product are manufactured in Bali in a safe and ethical manner, and without compromise on quality.


Collection of Ocean to Ocean Marble Swimwear

While launching this collection, Marble collaborated with Sarah Kohan, owner of Instagram @moonstrucktraveller account. Sarah is well known to often share the journey moment ‘thrown away’ through an Instagram account that she had. Seen from the uploads, most of the time is spent in a bikini. Therefore, Marble believes Sarah Kohan is the right person to represent their collection.


The series name of this collection is inspired by a number of inspiring women through their efforts to preserve the planet, with a particular focus on the oceans. Not all women’s names, some are inserted by male names. The name is taken from those who dedicate their working lives to keep the earth in order to be enjoyed by future generations.


Some examples of names used such as ‘Michele top’ dedicated to Michele Kuruc, Vice President of Ocean Policy at WWF, were established against illegal fishing practices. ‘Elissa top’ is taken from the first name of Elissa Sursara, a biologically active activist and biologist of micro-learning that meets the oceans. While ‘Ramsey’ is taken from the name of Ocean Ramsey, a dive instructor who swims with sharks.


Marble Swimwear donates 10% of the entire sales profit of their collection to the organization they work with, namely Healthy Seas. This organization facilitates the process of cleaning the sea by removing the fish nets removed.


The existence of this collection gives us inspiration about what shape and design are most flattered, but still, pay attention to the environment. ‘From the sea to the sea’, comes from the sea and reused for fun enjoying the beauty of the ocean.


However, what happens if the sea is now no longer beautiful because it is filled with garbage? Therefore, recycling is very necessary so as not to accumulate garbage. Using recycled materials like Marble Swimwear to produce new products can be one of the solutions that deal with increasingly littering oceans.


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