Jeff Hong is an animation artist based in New York. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He hopes to use the power of the internet to spread messages from his work called unhappily ever after. He hopes to change the way some people live their habits so that they can be more responsible and care to the earth.


Jeff Hong is a big fan of the Disney series and feels very lucky to work as an animated artist in several Disney movies including Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan, and Emperor New Groove. Jeff Hong started his career as an animated storyboard artist. Right after he graduated from high school, he was hired by Disney and worked there for four years.


He changes Walt Disney’s motto “where dreams come true” into his campaign to awaken society to environmental pollution everywhere nowadays.


Have you ever imagined what would happen to some of the perfect Disney characters if their story ultimately did not end with “happy forever?”


In the real world, life does not always work out with a perfect and happy ending. With this in mind, Jeff Hong was inspired to change a bit by reinterpreting classic characters like The Little Mermaid, Alice in Wonderland, and Bambi.


Jeff Hong has drawn some of Disney’s popular characters who are fighting against today’s increasingly depressing environmental conditions. He reminded us that today we are all facing climate change and pollution.


He describes the mermaid Ariel who emerged from the sea of ​​dirty with slippery body due to oil spills. In his picture, he also draws Cinderella who was hiding in a dirty alley at night with a ragged party dress.


Another Disney character, Mulan, is forced to cover her beautiful and smooth face like porcelain with a mask to cover her respiratory tract while she is walking in the streets of China that full of pollution.


The adorable character of the Disney beast, Bambi appears to be decapitated and turned into a walled trophy, are just a few examples of illustrations expected to awaken us to the earth that facing global warming.


As we all know, it is easier to remember things better if they shock us. The idea of ​​putting Disney characters related to the reality of environmental damage and full of pollution eventually turned into protests through illustrations.


People usually get information through informative short messages. So, what could be more memorable than the Little Mermaid who was at the beach because of the oil spots that contaminate the ocean? Or Winnie the pooh among the logged forests or Elsa who cannot stop the melting ice?


Through these controversial pictures, Jeff Hong is trying to make a bold environmental statement about the worsening earth conditions so that if we do not protect the planet, fairy tales like the Disney stories will not be a happy ending. The work of Jeff Hong is expected to make us think and care more about our environment.


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