Eco friendly makeup brushes are increasingly high demand and available on the market. The best brush will feel very soft and smooth to sweep on your face and can mix the makeup perfectly. A few decades ago it was very difficult to find a makeup brush made from synthetic that could function as perfectly as a brush from animal hair. The choice of makeup brushes made from synthetic hair at that time felt a little and like the hair of a Barbie doll that was too shiny, slippery, and made of plastic.


If you value animal welfare, there are now many soft brush choices made from non-animal. This brush is as good as the original but certainly better because of no animal cruelty in the manufacturing process.


Here is a list of eco friendly makeup brushes:

1.EcoTools (us $ 20 4pcs / set)

For those of you who love products made from natural ingredients, the beauty brand from Paris, EcoTools, offers one of its flagship products, EcoTools Complexion set. This brush set consisting of four brushes with super soft feathers with bamboo handle. This brush can help you get the final makeup that exudes a natural impression from the brush touch Complexion Blending to flatten powder around the face, then Buffing Concealer & Precision Foundation to disguise imperfections in the lower eye. Then, there is a Flat Concealer and end with Full Powder as the finishing step, or to wipe the blush on your face.


  1. Too faced (us $ 65 5pcs / set)

Makeup brushes made from synthetic fibers are even better than those from real animal hair. If you do a lot of contouring work you might need another set because this set only has one face brush. But variations of four small brushes can handle every eye shadow, eyebrow and liner.


Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes list:

  1. Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush (us $ 32 / pc)

When we want to make a face look neat but you only have about two minutes, this foundation brush is the right choice. You just pump a little foundation on the back of your hand, turn the brush in it, and then rub on the face in a circular motion. Synthetic fur is also easier to clean, just add soap and water plus a gentle massage to the feathers and will clean perfectly.


  1. Sephora Collection Pro Airbrush # 55 (us $ 34 / pc)

This makeup brush is the right choice if you want to buy just one brush. This face brush can be used to apply blush, bronzer, foundation, or powder to the face.


  1. E.L.F Studio Small Stipple Brush (us $ 3 / pc)

This might be the best brush on the market, not only the synthetic also the price is very affordable. A mixture of short and long fur can make the leveling make up easier on your face.


  1. BH Cosmetic Brush V1 (us $ 6 / pc)

Favorite brands of BH Cosmetics may have built loyal followers thanks to a range of affordable and vegan-friendly makeup palettes. With a whole set of delicate vegan brushes, that will sweep with your face perfectly. Thus the list of eco friendly makeup brushes that can be your choice.


Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes Eco Friendly Makeup Brushes

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